*Spoiler* Randy Orton suffers shocking fate in bizarre ending to WWE Raw

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*Spoiler* Randy Orton suffers shocking fate in bizarre ending to WWE Raw

The news that immediately went around the world yesterday evening was the one that sees the current WWE Champion in charge, Drew McIntyre, being infected by the world pandemic virus, COVID-19, which despite not having brought for the moment no type of symptom to the reigning champion of Monday Night Raw, however, means that the Scotsman cannot fight for the next two weeks or in any case until he is negative and able to return to fight in the rings of the McMahon company.

During the episode aired during the night, Drew appeared twice at the ThunderDome in Orlando, talking to his fans in connection from home, where McIntyre obviously remained in quarantine to avoid infecting anyone who came in contact with him.

After accepting the challenge that Goldberg threw him last week, the WWE had to deal with his absence, however, as Drew McIntyre was to be engaged in Friday Night SmackDown's latest episode against Randy Orton, with the Legend Killer who has however still found bread for his teeth, receiving Triple H as an opponent in the Monday Night Raw main event.

During the episode of the red show that ended a few hours ago, Triple H reappeared on-screen after weeks of absence, with the WWE who wanted to bring back the COO of the company to try to stem the important absence of the reigning champion.

What is next for Randy Orton in WWE?

During the final phase of Raw, in fact, the WWE program is in direct competition with the final phases of university football, a sport very popular in the USA, which always gives a hard time to the programs of the McMahon family.

Just to avoid a debacle in terms of ratings, WWE has seen fit to bring back Triple H on-screen, which was obviously challenged to a match in the main event by Randy Orton, which the Cerebral Assasin gladly accepted during Raw.

In the main event, obviously the two spared nothing, with the two bitter enemies who have already had several feuds in the course of their careers in the WWE rings who, however, had a sensational surprise, when it was time to appear in the ThunderDome.

by Alexa Bliss. After Triple H took his beloved Sledgehammer, the hammer with which he hit various opponents over the years, the weapon at one point caught fire, with the lights of the ThunderDome going out slowly, as only The Fiend manages to do.

Appearing in front of Randy Orton, however, was not The Fiend but Alexa Bliss, who with a master stroke threw a fireball at Randy Orton, which blinded The Viper, leaving him to the mat amid the screams of the athlete . Thus ends, with a shocking moment, the last episode of the red show: Monday Night Raw.