*Spoiler* Ric Flair enters romantic angle on WWE Raw

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*Spoiler* Ric Flair enters romantic angle on WWE Raw

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, the one dedicated to the WWE Legends, called Raw Legends, set up by the WWE to increase the dizzyingly declining ratings, the federation broadcast a rather strange segment in which he saw Ric Flair playing unfairly against his daughter Charlotte, in an angle that saw the federation's Hall of Famer tripping his daughter, thus costing the match to the multi-champion of Raw.

Initially, various information spread online, including those who said that Ric Flair had sensationally botched his intervention and those who said instead that the angle seen on Raw was absolutely wanted by the company.

The least probable hypothesis was precisely that which saw Ric Flair being wrong, with him and his daughter who then improvised the final match against Lacey Evans, with the Nature Boy's daughter who took it out on her father, asking him to leave.

Ric Flair enters the romantic angle

In this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired until a few hours ago, Ric Flair seems to have fallen back on it, this time however seriously, when he intervened once again against his daughter Charlotte, making what would seem to win the match became his new flame: Lacey Evans.

In a single rematch of the fight of 7 days ago, between the Queen and the former marine, the Nature Boy, who sensationally helped Lacey to win the match, first moving the foot of the opponent of the daughter on the rope, to break the count and then instead of holding his daughter on the ground, thus forcing her not to be able to break her pin.

Ric Flair thus performs his sensational turn heel on Charlotte, leaving the arena in the company of the beautiful Lacey Evans, with whom he now seems to have a real relationship, since the two talked about a hotel room as they left the arena of Orlando embraced.

Once again the timeless charm of Ric Flair strikes a beautiful woman, as only the character of the Nature Boy could do in over 30 years of career. The Dirtiest Player in the Game truly lived up to his moniker by officially betraying his daughter this week, and it will be interesting to see how Ric Flair's equation with Lacey Evans will proceed over the next few weeks.

The father-daughter conflict between Ric and Charlotte isn't anything new, but it still serves as an entertaining detour from Charlotte and Asuka's relatively predictable storyline on WWE RAW.