*Spoiler* Kofi Kingston injured on WWE Raw

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*Spoiler* Kofi Kingston injured on WWE Raw

In recent weeks, WWE has had to deal with several important absences, just as happened already in 2020, when many Superstars were absent from the WWE screens for various reasons. If Becky Lynch was in fact due to be absent for her first pregnancy sought with Seth Rollins, the father of little Roux had had the same impediment that at the end of the year had taken him out of the scene, while instead Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns had chosen to stay away from the scene due to the peak of covid infections, which arrived in the USA to the headquarters built by the company in Orlando.

While many other Superstars had left due to an injury, such as Braun Strowman, Andrade, Finn Balor and many others. In the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired in the night, Xavier Woods appeared in the Stamford company ring alone, without his now historic teammate Kofi Kingston.

Xavier thus had to face the entire Retribution alone, although the match only saw the participation of T-Bar against the single component of the New Day.

Kofi Kingston injured

To win in a match completely dominated by the psychological strength of the Retribution, which had surrounded the ring from the start of the match, was obviously T-Bar, with Xavier Woods who could do little against the entire stable heel of Raw.

As confirmed by Tom Phillips in the commentary, the absence of former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston is to be found in a bad injury. Kofi received a bad jaw fracture last week and will therefore have to be absent from the WWE rings for some time.

It is not known if this injury is only part of a storyline or if Kofi Kingston has really encountered the same injury that kept Finn Balor away from NXT for several weeks, the only certain thing is that Kofi will remain away from Monday Night Raw and WWE in general for a few weeks, for sure.

Xavier Woods faced T-Bar this week on Raw. There is a reason why Woods went to the ring alone. Tom Phillips revealed on commentary that Kofi Kinston is out of action with a fractured jaw. It was said that Kofi suffered that injury against The Hurt Business.

Woods wrestled T-Bar with Retribution surrounding the ring. He was all alone without anyone to have his back. T-Bar won the match in definitive fashion. Hopefully, Kofi Kingston will return to action soon so Xavier Woods can have some backup.