Surprising reaction to what Vince McMahon allowed Drew McIntyre to do on Raw

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Surprising reaction to what Vince McMahon allowed Drew McIntyre to do on Raw

A few hours before the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, the official announcement about the positivity of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre came. This shocking and unexpected news has totally changed the plans of the federation of Vince McMahon, who had already announced a valid match for the title with the Scottish Psychopath protagonist and had to 'arrange' by totally changing the cards on the table for the show.

The most surprising news of the Raw episode, however, was that Drew McIntyre appeared in front of the screens talking about his infection and advising all viewers to wear a mask and respect the safety rules. This was a real 'first time' as WWE had never mentioned the Pandemic until now and Vince McMahon made sure to avoid talking about it in any way.

This reaction of the WWE Chairman to Drew McIntyre's Covid-19 positivity has left both the insiders and the entire WWE Universe stunned.

Vince Russo on Drew McIntyre's RAW segments

During the last episode of Legion of Raw, former WWE creative Vince Russo discussed this choice of Vince McMahon with his colleague, Dr.

Chris Featherstone. Here are his words about it: "I can't believe WWE made Drew McIntyre officially acknowledge that he tested positive for Covid-19. Only surprised, especially with how I know Vince McMahon. When you talk to him about the show, there has to be no hint of the disease, it's not an option to consider.

He looks 'immortal', and seeing him on a WWE show say be careful and wear the mask is absurd! I still can't give up that Vince McMahon has talked about Covid! It took about a year, but now it has also been made known in WWE."

Fortunately, Drew McIntyre is asymptomatic and during the show, the wrestler also talked about the next match valid for the Royal Rumble title with the WWE Champion who will challenge the returning Bill Goldberg in a 1 vs 1 match.

Thankfully for all involved parties, Drew McIntyre revealed that he was asymptomatic and was currently in quarantine. The WWE Champion warned the masses to take COVID-19 seriously, and he even addressed Goldberg's challenge in another segment later in the night.

Drew McIntyre will face Goldberg for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, and when it comes to Drew McIntyre's health and TV return, we should receive more updates soon. Drew McIntyre's COVID-19 diagnosis will undoubtedly affect the build-up for the Royal Rumble match.

However, WWE would ideally have to adapt and develop innovative ways of pushing the feud forward on TV in the weeks to follow.