Ricochet could be on his way out of WWE

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Ricochet could be on his way out of WWE

For several months, during the recently concluded 2020, various online rumors reported the fact that WWE star Ricochet could soon become a free agent, at the behest of the athlete himself who did not want to sign a new agreement with the McMahon-owned company and with his contract which would soon expire.

After just a few months since these rumors, despite the protagonist of the Monday Night Raw rings wanting to deny them several times on his personal social networks, these rumors are out more powerful than ever, with the main sites of information from overseas, which in the night reported how Ricochet could once again be one step away from goodbye.

Update on Ricochet's future

As reported by the well-known host of the daily Newsletters of the Wrestling Observer, Brian Alvarez, Ricochet's booking on Raw could already be finished, with the athlete who could in fact already be on the farewell foot, given that his contract could soon end.

Already in the rumors circulated last summer, there was talk of a possible closure of the Raw boy's contract during an unspecified date of 2021, with Ricochet who would do everything to not renew his agreement with the McMahons.

Apparently, according to what was also revealed by the Wrestle Votes site, Ricochet would not have accepted any type of renewal offered to him by the WWE, nor when the offer was very conspicuous, to prevent the WWE athletes from going to the AEW rings, nor now that unfortunately the economic possibility of the number one federation in the world has dropped.

The last agreement signed by the former North American champion of NXT, would seem to date back to 2018, with a three-year contract that should therefore end in an unspecified moment of this 2021. If Ricochet had not really signed a new agreement in silence with the WWE, therefore, it is very likely that at any moment we may not see him already in the rings of Raw, waiting for his non-competition clause to end, and then see him reappear unexpectedly in the rings of some other company worldwide, such as AEW or Impact Wrestling.

Ricochet’s WWE contract could be running up sooner than later. He reportedly signed a three-year deal in 2018. His deal is up sometime this year unless he inked a new contract. WWE was signing a ton of Superstars to high-dollar deals when they didn’t want them going to AEW. They are no longer in talent hoarding mode.