Goldberg could break Vince McMahon's 22-year-old record

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Goldberg could break Vince McMahon's 22-year-old record

Over the decades, Bill Goldberg has become one of the most important characters in wrestling history, first in the WCW rings and then also in the WWE ones, with the now 54-year-old massive wrestler, who despite his age still manages to have an imposing physique and to hold the in-ring competitions of the federation number one in the pro-wrestling world.

After staging one of the biggest streak of unbeaten pro-wrestling rings in the now-defunct Turner family federation, for Da Man, another huge record could also arrive in the WWE rings, with the Hall of Famer that could to enter by right once again in the roll of honor of the McMahon-owned company, just overtaking the Chairman of the federation: Vince McMahon.

Will Goldberg break Vince McMahon's record?

In the event that Bill Goldberg were to win in his match against Drew McIntyre, provided that the Scotsman can show up in the ring after the confirmation of his positivity at covid-19 in recent days, Da Man would in fact become the oldest champion in the history of the company, surpassing the record still held by the Chairman himself, Vince McMahon, by just a few days.

At the time of his victory, Vince McMahon was in fact 54 years and 21 days, when he won the WWE Championship in the episode of Smackdown on September 16, 1999, with a victory against Triple H that made Vince the oldest champion in the whole company history.

With the possible victory of Goldberg, however, the bar could rise further, reaching the quota of 54 years and 35 days, with Bill Goldberg entering by right once again in an official WWE record, with several fans who are already disappointed.

enough from using the Hall of Famer for one more titled match. Several members of WWE Universe, in fact, would not like to see more elderly athletes fighting in the WWE rings, or at least they would not want them in very important matches such as those for the federation's world titles, which still serve to help grow the talents.

today, which would thus obtain great victories against legends of the past, which would be very important for anyone today. On the September 16, 1999, edition of WWE SmackDown, a babyface Vince McMahon took on Triple H in a WWE title match.

In one of the biggest surprises in WWE history, Vince McMahon defeated Triple H after Stone Cold Steve Austin interfered and helped the Chairman pin The Game. Do you think Goldberg will manage to break Vince McMahon's record of being the oldest WWE Champion in history? Or will Drew McIntyre put Goldberg down to retain his title, thus keeping Vince McMahon's record intact?