Backstage reason why Keith Lee broke the ring

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Backstage reason why Keith Lee broke the ring

In recent weeks, the WWE character of Keith Lee has played an increasingly important role on the main roster and during the last few episodes of Monday Night Raw the former NXT has achieved very important victories. In the last episode of the red show, WWE Universe fans and all the insiders were literally shocked by the power of the wrestler who destroyed the ring where the wrestlers were fighting.

This thing that initially struck many of the fans was nothing more than a communication strategy of WWE and explained the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer.

Keith Lee got two massive victories on RAW this week

In the course of the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, colleague Dave Meltzer clarified why Limitless destroyed the ring.

Here are his words: "During the couple match between Keith Lee and Sheamus against John Morrison and Miz, Keith Lee crashed into Morrison and thanks to his brute strength and his physique blew up the ring. This is just one of the now usual WWE 'cliffhanger' that uses particular methods to bring Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown to advertising.

It's a well-known communication strategy to keep fans interested in what they're seeing and not distract them by making them change channels. During the commercial break, the ropes of the ring were repaired and the match continued without problems."

Keith Lee was considered one of the eligible candidates for the final victory of the next Royal Rumble, WWE event scheduled for January 31st, but according to what the Sportskeeda Wrestling colleagues the situation is not really the case with Vince McMahon rejecting this possibility and seeing others as favorites.

In contention for the final victory and among the main favorites are currently Big E and Daniel Bryan. At the moment Vince is not sure that Keith Lee can be considered an adequate and valid wrestler for the main roster and therefore his nomination for the winner of the Royal Rumble certainly does not leave him enthusiastic.

Keith Lee was one of the many RAW Superstars this week who pulled-off a double duty. Keith Lee and Sheamus had a backstage segment with The Miz and John Morrison that led to a tag team match. The above mentioned ring-break moment took place during the match.

Finally, Sheamus and Keith Lee managed to defeat their opponents and pick up the victory. Following this, WWE started a singles match between Keith Lee and Sheamus, much to the confusion of the fans watching as the two had just hugged each other before the commercial break. Ultimately, it was Keith Lee who picked up the victory by defeating Sheamus to stand tall on RAW.