Matt Riddle has reportedly not signed a new contract with WWE

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Matt Riddle has reportedly not signed a new contract with WWE

In recent weeks there have been several reports claiming that WWE had offered superstar Matt Riddle a new contract. These reports saw the wrestler initially dubious but ultimately decided to sign this new deal. This agreement included a new contract for Riddle for about four years, after the signing in 2018 which had already linked the former NXT talent to the number one company in the world of wrestling.

This news had created several discontents within the federation with rumors about a dozen athletes unhappy with the treatment given to them with the new offers from the Stamford federation. Things apparently are very different, with these agreements that perhaps were not true: latest rumors about the parties claim that The Original Bro has not yet signed a new contract with WWE.

Matt Riddle's future with WWE

In recent weeks Matt Riddle has had more and more prominence on Monday Night Raw and the wrestler has received an important push enough to win a match against US Champion Bobby Lashley.

However, there would even be rumors about the fact that The Original Bro could not renew the expiring contract with WWE. Here are the words of fellow Wrestling Observer Live Bryan Alvarez. Here are his words: "Remember when they offered him a new contract? Actually, Riddle has doubts and I don't think he has signed the contract yet."

Given the enormous confusion generated recently regarding Riddle's new contract, this possibility cannot be excluded and that is that the wrestler does not want to sign a new agreement with Vince McMahon's federation.

Also at this time, the wrestler is paired with Jeff Hardy and the team is called 'The Hardy Bros', a situation that is bringing a lot of curiosity to the WWE Universe. In recent months Riddle has gradually gained more and more success in the federation and at the moment the non-renewal of him appears unlikely.

Fightful Select had reported previously that Matt Riddle was offered a contract by WWE, which he did not like. However, The King of Bros eventually signed a new contract after some changes were made to it. Given that there is still confusion over Riddle's status with WWE, there is a slight chance that The Original Bro may not even be looking to re-sign with the company.

However, it could also just be a case of Riddle trying to get a better contract before he finally agrees to a new deal. Riddle is currently paired with Jeff Hardy on WWE RAW, and the team is being called 'The Hardy Bros'

Although it was believed to be a makeshift team initially, it looks like we might see more of the new duo on Monday Nights each week.