Matthew McConaughey reveals he wanted to be involved in WWE

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Matthew McConaughey reveals he wanted to be involved in WWE

The WWE world has been invaded several times by several important stars from other worlds, such as boxing, cinema or even sumo. In fact, throughout the history of the McMahon-owned company, several athletes and actors among the most disparate famous names, have had a small cameo or a small segment in the WWE rings, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Akebono, Mike Tyson or Mr T.

Everyone, sooner or later, has come into contact with the world of pro-wrestling, in one way or another, with someone who has even dressed up as the wrestler for at least one day, such as Stephen Amell, who has fought his first match in the WWE rings in 2015, and then also moved to the Ring of Honor rings, thanks to his great friendship with Cody Rhodes.

In his latest interview with the microphones of the broadcast conducted by Maria Menounous, also seen in the WWE rings several times, the Hollywood actor, as well as winner of an Academy Award for Best Actor in 2014 for the film Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McCounaughey, has opened up to his possible involvement in the world of pro-wrestling in the future, it is not known how remote, since there are some things that apparently he would also like about the wrestler life or the shows they present.

In his speech, the Hollywood actor said: "I'll say ... I can't say I'm very interested because you know, you can't say a lot in these things, but yeah, uh, there's something that interests me."

Matthew McConaughey reveals he wanted to be involved in WWE

The interviewer's direct question was aimed precisely at knowing if McCounaughey wanted a role in the rings of some wrestling company, especially WWE, with the actor who practically neither denied nor confirmed in a decisive way.

Upon hearing this response, Menounous exclaimed: "Yes, you want to make a Boston Crab so loud I can hear it from here", referring to a line from the actor a few minutes earlier, which in fact caused her to burst into laughter Matthew McCounaughey.

If in the near or distant future the actor wants to land in front of the WWE or AEW cameras, he should probably just ask, as many of his showbiz colleagues have been spotted in front of the cameras of both companies in the recent period, including rapper Snoop Dogg, boxer Mike Tyson or even former basketball player Shaquille O'Neal.

The Graham Norton Show recently had Matthew McConaughey and John Cena on the program at the same time. Norton asked Cena about the Prototype gimmick he was first given in WWE and McConaughey apparently still thinks pro-wrestling is real, or at least the gimmicks are.

Cena said it’s a trial and error process and his Prototype gimmick was “half man, half machine, 100% crap”. He said he would demonstrate the fact that he was robotic by rewinding what he said to say it again. McConaughey asked if it worked, “No!” Cena enthusiastically replied.