WWE passed on signing RUSH because of his...

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WWE passed on signing RUSH because of his...

In the last year, WWE, like many other pro-wrestling companies worldwide, have seen their profit decrease, at least for what was the income that came from live shows and from everything they earned from staging live shows.

and then in merchandising sold on-site, an autograph signing and ticket sales. Due to all this, the new offers from the McMahon-owned federation for new or existing athletes on their rosters have significantly decreased, also given the decrease in on-screen attendance and given that there will be no live events not captured by the federation cameras yet.

for quite some time. It, therefore, happens that when the WWE goes to try to hire new staff, these people find themselves in front of an offer that is perhaps not exactly tempting, which given the pandemic period still tough enough, leads the economic strength of the federation to no longer be that of a time.

In recent days, it seems, WWE has also tried to sign the reigning world champion of Ring Of Honor, a competing company of the Stamford-located federation on US soil, with the Mexican champion RUSH of the federation of the Sinclair group, who has however, he refused the sum offered to him by the WWE, considering it far too low.

As reported in the last few hours by the Wrestling Inc website, the McMahon-owned company management is said to have given up on pursuing the negotiations, as the ROH champion insisted on seeing his salary increased, in order to pass into the NXT rings, which WWE does not allow at the moment.

WWE passed on signing RUSH

In fact, since the world pandemic broke out, WWE has lowered all its offers, both for new athletes to be signed, and for those already active in the roster, with several WWE Superstars who have in fact already rejected a renewal of contract in this 2021, due to the decidedly lower offer than the last, received from the federation.

Apparently, for several months the WWE will continue with this policy, as even the other companies cannot afford to overpay their athletes for the moment, in a situation where no one is sailing in gold. WWE made an offer, but it was lower than RUSH expected.

As we previously reported, WWE isn’t offering the high-dollar contracts that they once were, and the number is trending downward. ROH signed Bandido to a new contract, and the belief is that Ring Of Honor was also able to sign RUSH to a new deal as well.

RUSH has been with ROH since 2019, and he defeated Matt Taven to become ROH World Champion at Death Before Dishonor XVII. RUSH’s brothers are Místico and Dragon Lee, and he comes from a family rich in pro wrestling tradition.