Alexa Bliss sends out a cryptic message

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Alexa Bliss sends out a cryptic message

The last episode of Monday Night Raw ended with a real no-holds-barred battle between WWE COO, Triple H, and former WWE Champion Randy Orton. Intervening out of the blue in the dispute, however, was Alexa Bliss, who thanks to the powerful supernatural means donated by her proximity to The Fiend, managed to throw a powerful fireball at Orton, blinding him and leaving him on the ground in the throes of pain.

This segment, which ended the entire episode of Raw, was however harshly criticized by several fans and various insiders, with many of them trying to understand why WWE is still keeping The Fiend in the back. the wings and do not continue to use it on-screen at the moment.

Has Alexa Bliss just dropped a huge hint about the return of The Fiend?

After reading the words of the former WWE Vince Russo, with the head of the creative team that has also run the WCW shows for years, who criticized the segment with Alexa Bliss because in his opinion it was not sensible to put the fire back in his hands by Alexa Bliss after watching The Fiend die burnt in the TLC ring, also comes the comment of former WWE historical referee: Jimmy Korderas.

During his latest post in his Reffin Rant column, the former WWE officer explained his point of view, saying: "Alexa Bliss is standing in the ring - which is fine, but Alexa Bliss shooting a fireball and hitting Randy Orton right in the face and him selling the crazy thing, and then the segment ends like that.

Alexa Bliss shouldn't take credit for a rematch against Randy Orton. It should have been The Fiend. Point. End of discussion." Apparently, even for the former WWE referee, something went wrong in the final segment of Raw, with a presence of the Fiend that would certainly have been more consistent in terms of narrative, but with WWE evidently having some different projects for the on-screen reappearance of the evil alter ego of Bray Wyatt and probably at the Royal Rumble or even before, we may already know something more.

It has been a month since fans have seen The Fiend on their television screens. It is unknown when he will be making a comeback or in which capacity he will be back on television. Since he left WWE television in December 2020, Alexa Bliss has stepped in and begun targeting Randy Orton, becoming more and more unhinged as the weeks go on.

It is hard to predict what will happen next in the Orton vs. The Fiend and Alexa Bliss rivalry, but anything is possible between the three stars.