WWE offers Retribution lower main roster contracts

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WWE offers Retribution lower main roster contracts

In this fairly lean period for the pro-wrestling world in general, there are some athletes who sadly see themselves treated even worse than others, with some offers and some requests from WWE which unfortunately are the only thing that can currently be called "contract or stable job", in a very delicate moment for the whole world, still in the midst of a global pandemic that never seems to end.

After reading several rumors online about the amount of WWE Superstars who refused to sign a contract renewal with the Stamford-based company, due to the suboptimal conditions of the new agreements, a new indiscretion on an entire stable emerges in the past few hours.

that he would instead have signed an agreement with WWE, already last year which, instead, is said to be decidedly lower than the company's standards for its athletes on the main roster. In the last few hours, the well-known overseas site Fightful has revealed how WWE has offered a contract of just $250,000 a year to each member of the Retribution, for a total of three years.

The sum offered to the boys of the chaos stable is obviously much lower than that of the colleagues on the main roster, in the mid-upper carding, with the effects of the pandemic that had already made WWE opt for a very low solution than to several athletes he wasn't well before, let alone now.

WWE offers Retribution lower main roster contracts

The only one who is not part of this choice was obviously the stable leader, Mustafa Ali, who already had his contract signed with the WWE main roster and therefore remained tied to those conditions, which are much better than those accepted by his colleagues.

It will now be necessary to wait for the world pandemic to end its terrible effects on every market, before WWE can begin to treat all its athletes properly, returning to pay them as it once was. This is reportedly “significantly lower” than many other incoming offers being made in the last couple of years.

It was not noted if Retribution are able to re-negotiate their offers when things change in regards to the status of the pandemic. The pandemic hurt business and caused the company to offer lower contracts. Some Superstars have declines deals and will re-enter talks once business picks back up.

It is unknown how long that wait will be. It appears that WWE will be keeping Retribution, or at least their members, around the company for at least three years.