Andrade teases return after Charlotte Flair's segment

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Andrade teases return after Charlotte Flair's segment

In the last two weekly episodes of Monday Night Raw, Ric and Charlotte Flair have become the protagonists of a storyline of the past, which sees the Nature Boy having betrayed none other than his daughter, to help his new flame: Lacey Evans.

In a rather controversial segment, in fact, Ric Flair boycotted his daughter's match on Monday night, to allow his new on-screen girlfriend to win against the multiple WWE champion, who at the moment also holds the couple's champion belt of the company.

Initially, the corner from the week before, it seemed almost a mistake made by Ric Flair, when the latter had inadvertently tripped his daughter, allowing her opponents to win the match. Apparently, however, everything was aimed at making Evans win, showing the whole world the new relationship between the two, despite the huge age gap that exists between the Hall of Famer and the WWE athlete.

After seeing what happened to his real-life girlfriend, Andrade wanted to send this message to Charlotte Flair on her Twitter social page: "You need someone in your corner !!!"

Could Charlotte Flair and Andrade become an on-screen pair soon?

Andrade's reference is clear to the fact that Charlotte Flair no longer has the support of her father and therefore someone else, could go and help the WWE female tag team champion, maybe him.

Andrade is still far from the scene after his last fight in the ring against The Fiend, with the evil alter ego of Bray Wyatt attacking the Mexican, while Alexa Bliss took it out on Zelina Vega. After this segment, Andrade moved away from the scene to fix an injury that had bothered him for months now, with the Mexican who, however, may have already been declared skilled in the fight by the medical staff and could therefore reappear surprisingly, perhaps right next to him.

by Charlotte, in an episode of Monday Night Raw soon. WWE booked this after Lacey Evans tried to hit on Ric Flair last week during RAW Legends Night before the Nature Boy accidentally tripped Charlotte Flair and cost her the match.

Last month, it was reported by WrestleVotes that WWE is discussing the idea of having an on-screen pairing of Charlotte Flair and Andrade. The report also stated that the reason behind this thought process is to elevate Andrade into the main event level using Charlotte's star power.

While there is no confirmation yet, the above tweet from Andrade could hint that he might return to WWE soon and help Charlotte Flair out in her feud with Lacey Evans and Ric Flair.