Eddie Kingston on Realizing WWE Will Not Sign Him

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Eddie Kingston on Realizing WWE Will Not Sign Him

Eddie Kingston has a very well-decorated career and he recently spoke about realizing that WWE will not sign him. He eventually became a top draw in AEW and on the indie circuit. Before that, Bret Hart and Stone Cold very his favorite wrestlers that he used to study.

Kingston was on Oral Sessions recently with Ranee Paquette. He stated that Stone Cold and Bret Hart were “The Last of a Dying Breed”.

Eddie Kingston on His Controversial WWE Tryout

"Bret Hart, to me, is one of the best storytellers and most believable guys when I was growing up," Eddie Kingston noted.

"And then, like I said, Steve Austin, of course. Everyone loves their WrestleMania 13 match. But for me personally, their '96 Survivor Series match at The Garden, still to this day blows me away." He then spoke about his WWE tryout.

He told Ranee who set up the tryout. "This was at the PC. Jimmy Jacobs hooked me up with it. He was like, 'Hey, do want a tryout?' I was like, 'Yeah. Sure,' he shared. "To me, that tryout was more for the Mae Young Classic because it was the biggest class they had for females.

So, I was like, 'I get it; this is for the females. I'm just going to go in there and have fun.' " He then spoke about his controversial WWE tryout. "I said a couple of things. They had someone filming, and Drake Younger grabbed me out of nowhere and goes, 'King, tell them how hard this drill is.'

It was some dumb drill. I was like, 'Yeah, it was hard. But I've had people shoot at me, stab me with knives. And God, I hate this drill more than that.' They put the camera down, and everyone is looking at me like I'm nuts because I said guns and knives.

"I remember I was doing the promo class, and I said, 'Well, where I come from, they believe in Tupac more than Santa Claus.' I saw these two writers have this confused look on their face when I said it. I was like, 'Oh yeah, I'm done.

Let me just have my match, and then I'll leave.' " Just like many famous indie wrestlers, Eddie Kingston chose to join All Elite Wrestling and not WWE. AEW already has a huge number of famous indie stars and it is a place where indie wrestlers are currently thriving.