Roman Reigns trolls King Corbin

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Roman Reigns trolls King Corbin

Over the past two years, King Corbin and current Friday Night Smackdown Champion Roman Reigns have come to blows multiple times in the blue show rings but also behind the scenes on the Friday night show, with a long feud which united the two great personalities of the McMahon-owned federation that ended before the outbreak of the world pandemic, with several victories by Roman Reigns including one in a famous "Loser eats dog food match"

Thanks to the help of the cousins of the Tribal Chief, the twin brothers Usos, in a situation where the three athletes were still all face, Roman Reigns managed to get the better of a long feud in which Corbin also had help on his side.

by Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler, with Smackdown's three heel faces taking it out on the crowd's favorite week after week, without Reigns being able to react alone.

Roman Reigns isn't taking any prisoners

As it turns out, the timing to take revenge both in the WWE rings and in everyday life, would always be perfect, with Roman Reigns immediately going to make fun of his colleague and friend under a photo post posted on Instagram by the king of the WWE ring, with King Corbin who recently posted this image: View this post on Instagram A post shared by King Corbin (@baroncorbinwwe) "Would you believe me if I told you I landed on the bushes on purpose?" Obviously the response of the Universal Champion was not long in coming, with Roman Reigns who has always been a funny guy both inside the WWE backstage and in everyday life, who in fact replied: "On the back...

just like at work!" Obviously, the joke refers to the fact that King Corbin was one of the most losing fighters in this 2020 just ended, with the comparison between the fall on a bicycle and the defeats suffered through pinning that caused fans and insiders to drop read their exchange on the well-known social network and then also commented under the photo.

Roman Reigns is currently the biggest heel on WWE TV, and SmackDown has consistently been a better show than RAW with him as the top guy, over the past several months. Reigns is a ruthless, dastardly heel who doesn't flinch one bit while inflicting punishment on his opponents for eyeing his Universal title.

Roman Reigns on social media isn't any different than the one you see on TV every week. Reigns' latest target on social media is Corbin, who recently made the mistake of trying to have some fun at The Tribal Chief's expense on his Instagram post. Reigns hit back at Corbin in the replies, and is now going out of his way to take shots at him on his own post.