Big E says he wants to be 'the best homegrown male talent' in WWE

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Big E says he wants to be 'the best homegrown male talent' in WWE

WWE has some superstars on their roster who have never had the chance to participate in any Indies and entered the WWE Performance Center with almost no experience in professional wrestling. While this may point to a Vince McMahon-owned federation problem, WWE actually wants to leverage this thing to their liking to shape superstars and create the superstar everyone wants.

Smackdown's star Big E matches it all and wants to be the best possible wrestler for WWE. Speaking on BT Sport, The Unicorn spoke about his goals and revealed that his dream is to become the greatest WWE superstar of all time.

This is a mission that he finds exceptional because no one has succeeded in all of this and John Cena himself participated in the Indie scenes for some time before joining WWE.

Big E praises Cesaro

In the course of the interview, the former Tag Team Champion with New Day revealed: "I'm trying to imagine and think if there is any other talent in the federation who has been very successful without any experience in professional wrestling.

My goal is to be the best, the best male talent on the WWE main roster. I look to others and also a legend like John Cena worked in the Indies, there are other guys like that but I honestly don't remember others in my time.

Maybe it could be Brock Lesnar, who had a deal with WWE and WWE only, but I mean someone who joined WWE from 2009 onwards. There aren't many, but I have to think more about this because I want to understand if I can really be the best."

In reality, other great characters who have no experience in the world of wrestling are in WWE, we also think of the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and champions like Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair. But now Big E wants to be among the best wrestlers and WWE is giving him this opportunity that he wants to capitalize at all costs.

Big E was also hugely complimentary of fellow WWE Superstar Cesaro. The pair have worked and trained together for a number of years. "But I’m proud of the fact, you know, I think it can definitely be a good thing to have other experience and to work other places.

But I was a guy who just came in, didn’t know anything else, and thankfully I’ve been able to work with so many different guys who are so talented. I feel like Cesaro and I… Cesaro’s followed me throughout so much of my career.

You learn from guys like that, you know? Iron sharpens iron. I’ve really benefited from being able to work with so many talented dudes over the last several years”.