Roman Reigns storyline criticized by former WWE writer

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Roman Reigns storyline criticized by former WWE writer

Since his return to WWE after months of absence, Roman Reigns has played an increasingly important and impressive role within the Friday Night Smackdown roster and in the WWE in general. After months we can now say that the Tribal Chief is the biggest star of the federation led by Vince McMahon.

For months the wrestler has dominated SmackDown, annihilating his opponents with no one who comes seriously to beat him and with the wrestler who, thanks also to the help of Mad Genius Paul Heyman and his now 'adept' and cousin Jey Uso, is asphalting his opponents.

Roman Reigns from Heel has received several compliments but there are those who do not appreciate the treatment given to the wrestler and his opponents by the federation of Vince McMahon.

Roman Reigns vs Adam Pearce might not happen

Over the course of 'The Brand of Vince Russo' the former creative team member of Vince McMahon's federation, Vince Russo sharply criticized the way WWE is using Roman Reigns in SmackDown.

Here are his words about it: "What's the storytelling, guys? For six consecutive weeks on SmackDown they've been repeating the same story. So you never raise the bar, you lower it in terms of the show. What's the story? I get mad because I'm watching the show every week and it's absurd, what's the narrative, friends? Each episode ended with Roman Reigns who, along with Jey Uso, beat up Kevin Owens."

Speaking of when he was working in WWE, Vince Russo confirmed: "We never happened to repeat the same thing over and over, you can't finish the show for six weeks the same way, review the stories in the time of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Kane, when I was part of the creative team, and tell me if this ever happened" There are many comments on the web and there are several members of the WWE Universe who agreed with the opinion of the former member of the WWE creative team.

While Roman Reigns is currently set to face Adam Pearce at Royal Rumble for the Universal Championship, there are many questioning whether or not the match will even take place. Dave Meltzer recently commented on Wrestling Observer Radio that the plan could be to replace Adam Pearce at the last minute with either Kevin Owens or Shinsuke Nakamura.

"It could end up with Nakamura or even Kevin Owens against him [Roman Reigns] and it could change. I kind of think it will." Given that both Owens and Nakamura would make for better opponents for Roman Reigns than Adam Pearce, a late replacement is entirely possible.