WWE provides update on Randy Orton's injuries

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WWE provides update on Randy Orton's injuries

The last episode of Monday Night Raw told about an ending that has caused much discussion on social media and in wrestling salons around the world. In fact, Alexa Bliss hit Randy Orton with a fireball and the WWE released a statement about the condition of the Legend Killer, who according to a storyline update is said to have "suffered minor burns following the attack of Alexa Bliss" The federation also added that in the next episode "other news regarding Randy Orton's conditions" will be announced.

What's next for Randy Orton?

As we all know, WWE had to work hard in extremis for the last episode of the federation's red show. In fact, the announcement of the positivity to Covid-19 by Drew McIntyre meant that the writers rewrote some parts of the show and the duration of some matches and segments.

In this regard, the current Scottish WWE champion should have fought against Randy Orton, but in the end the latter faced a very ready Triple H, always ready to get into the ring to lend a hand to the beloved company, which over the years so many emotions and successes gave him.

Right after the start of this match, Alexa revealed herself in the ring and first threatened Orton with her eyes and then hit him with the fireball. All this should lead to a match between Randy Orton and the Fiend in that of the Royal Rumble, to carry on a rivalry that has already seen a Firefly Inferno Match between the two in that of TLC, where the ending has kept everyone in suspense for what was done to the detriment of the second, which was in storyline key burned alive by the Legend Killer.

And do you think we will see the return of the Fiend in the next episode of Raw? Or will we only see him again in the next WWE Big Four? Let us know with a comment, also clarifying who you think has the advantage for the final victory of this feud.

Randy Orton will probably miss RAW next week in order to sell his injury. On the other hand, he might show up to seek retribution for this vicious attack. His feud with The Fiend isn't over yet. So with Wyatt's absence, WWE RAW could continue to feature segments between Orton and Bliss.

With WWE Royal Rumble around the corner, WrestleMania is rapidly approaching. WWE could have something major planned for Randy Orton, as he is one of the company's top stars. It'll be interesting to see what the future holds for "The Viper."