WWE punished Big Show for being dangerously obese

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WWE punished Big Show for being dangerously obese

One of the most famous and familiar faces in the entire history of WWE is certainly that of Big Show, a giant athlete of the Stamford company who for years has trod the rings of the McMahon federation, often changing attitude, from face to heel and vice versa.

The very long WWE career of Big Show starts in fact from the end of the 90s, when the giant landed in the McMahon rings moving from the WCW, where he had the first successes, meddling in the feud between Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin, as an ace in the WWE Chairman's sleeve.

After more than 20 years, it would seem that the moment of rest has now arrived for the mammoth athlete of the Stamford company, who for some time now fights or takes part in the weekly shows only occasionally, as happened in Raw Legends and in a few other situations.

WWE punished Big Show for being dangerously obese

After making the leap from the WCW to WWE, Big Show has unfortunately also begun to gain weight, with the leaders of the federation era who have in fact thought of sending the athlete to OVW, so as to allow him to lose weight in a way consistent, before returning to fight on-screen, since an even greater weight would lead to possible health problems and above all could prevent him from doing his work on-screen.

To the microphones of his Grilling JR, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross wanted to tell all this matter to Conrad Thompson, saying: "Yes and that's where I was disappointed. I thought his weight and his obesity would shorten his life.

It wasn't a 'Well... he can't do a suicide dive' thing. I thought he was a step or two from not being a wrestler anymore to be signed." After the Yokozuna case, an athlete who had continued to gain weight until he became almost immobile in the rings of the then WWF, the company did not want to see a second athlete go to death from a reckless weight gain.

Big Show was in fact sent to OVW from August 2000 until January of the following year, with its return on-screen which only came in the Rumble of that year. Apparently, however, it took years for the Big Show to lose a few pounds, with the WWE giant instead continuing to gain weight until his momentary farewell to the scenes, where he lost over 40 kg in 2007.

Ross was worried that Athletic Commissions in the United States would take away Big show’s license to wrestle due to his weight. This is what happened to former WWE Superstar Yokozuna several years prior. Thankfully Big Show underwent a complete transformation in 2018 and has maintained his physique since then.