WWE discussing the concept of Royal Rumble match

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WWE discussing the concept of Royal Rumble match

2020 is now only a memory, terrible, but only a memory. After a year decimated by heavy absences, by huge bereavement and above all by wrestling shows held completely without a live audience, WWE is trying to bring back the interest of its fans towards the product offered, with several novelties and different tricks that McMahon are bringing week after week to the Raw and Smackdown shows, not to drop the TV ratings yet.

After seeing two incredible new challengers to the absolute titles of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, with Adam Pearce and Bill Goldberg going respectively to challenge Universal Champion Roman Reigns and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre (if he heals in time from the covid), other incredible news could arrive at the Royal Rumble.

As revealed by numerous sources online, first of all, Ringside News, the management of the Stamford-owned company has been discussing for days some changes that can be made to the Royal Rumble this year.

WWE discussing the concept of Royal Rumble match

At the moment the discussion would not only be about the Royal Rumble match, which is obviously the main attraction of the first ppv of the year, which, however, without a live audience, no longer attracts as much as it did until last year.

For now, it doesn't seem like any incredible decisions have been made, but WWE is even discussing whether they can change the match as we know it, which would be a real shock to fans, given that since its inception, the Rumble has always remained the same, although the number of participants has changed in some editions, but the basic rules have nevertheless remained unchanged since 1988.

Having now completely discarded the hypothesis of being able to keep fans in the Tropicana Field arena, WWE must therefore come up with something to make the Royal Rumble an event awaited by fans and above all unforgettable, with a moment of crisis like this that easily does change the minds of pro-wrestling fans, especially the casual WWE ones.

We will see then, if in the coming weeks the WWE will communicate something official to its fans, about any change in the ppv in general or in the Royal Rumble match. WWE won’t have any live fans in Tropicana Field for the Royal Rumble this year.

There were never any plans to change their closed set policy. Removing the ThunderDome setup for one night would also be a huge undertaking. The company can also do whatever they want in regards to how they shoot things. Right now WWE is discussing a ton of options, but they haven’t nailed anything down. The entrants are slowly being announced as The Miz just recently declared his entry.