Batista offers $20,000 reward for arrest of Trump's fan who abused a manatee


Batista offers $20,000 reward for arrest of Trump's fan who abused a manatee

Despite not being a WWE Superstar for some time, having decided to retire permanently from in-ring competitions, Batista still remains one of the most beloved wrestlers and celebrities in the world of pro-wrestling ever, with a long stint that took place on the rings of the McMahon-owned company that made Batista one of the most followed champions of recent years, especially thanks to his formidable feud against Triple H, which served the former WWE Champion to capture his first world title.

After having a huge success in the rings of the McMahon family's company, Dave Bautista has also found another great success on the Hollywood cinema screens, becoming Drax, one of the fan favorite characters of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" saga and also playing several other roles in very important science fiction films.

The thing for which Batista is remembered, however, on social networks, is probably his hatred of the Trump presidency, with the fighter of Greek and Filipino origins who in fact always hated the thought of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, so much that he criticized him openly, several times on social networks.

Donald Trump does not have a fan in Batista

After reading an article complete with photographs showing the incredible mistreatment of a manatee, on whose skin the word Donald Trump was written, Batista broke out on Twitter, promising a reward of $ 20,000 to anyone who can get justice brought.

the supporter of the former US president who committed this cruel crime. Once again, Batista lashes out against the inhumanity of some supporters of the former president of the United States, with the events that happened on Capitol Hill that had already sentenced the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion against Trump supporters.

This time, however, in addition to the different political thought, it has once again come to commit a crime, which Batista immediately wanted to condemn in a profound way, just like many other fans of him. Batista recently revealed a very interesting aspect of his career in the wrestling ring.

Apparently, he always kept an inhaler around just in case he needed it. Batista’s good friend Ken Jeong tweeted out a video of President Trump breathing heavily. Jeong said that Trump was “gasping for air and credibility”.

Batista saw this tweet and he responded by saying: "I’m an asthmatic. That’s what I would look like if I was trying to hide that I was having an asthma attack. Well not all orange and bloated with a combover and a bad suit… but otherwise.. yeah. I recognize that struggle to breathe."

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