Matt Riddle celebrates UFC declassifying marijuana as...

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Matt Riddle celebrates UFC declassifying marijuana as...

Many of the wrestlers who have moved to WWE and still work for the McMahons have had a history of abuse of soft drugs, with marijuana being one of the most frequently used psychotropic substances, especially for its "beneficial" effects.

on body and mind, since it relieves the pains and anxieties of those who use it. Over the years, several of the wrestlers under WWE contract have been fined by the federation leadership for using it, such as Rob van Dam, who continues to profess that THC is a 100% beneficial substance or Evan Bourne, who now calls himself Matt Sydal in the rings of AEW and other indie companies worldwide, not to mention Brian Kendrick, Sean Waltman, Jack Swagger, Jeff Hardy and even Randy Orton.

All these wrestlers, sooner or later, were in fact fined by the WWE, because they were suspected with the prohibited substance circulating in the blood. In recent days, the number one mixed martial arts company in the world, Dana White's UFC, has decided to strip marijuana from illegal substances for its athletes, effectively removing THC from banned substances in order to work with them.

After being suspended precisely because of the use of marijuana, with Matt Riddle who so preferred to switch to pro-wrestling, the athlete from Monday Night Raw wanted to celebrate the event on Twitter, writing that he had the greatest gift birthday can be received, although it arrived a few years late.

In WWE, however, the situation still appears quite uncertain, as the substance should still be deemed illegal, but several times the federation has turned a blind eye to its athletes, see Randy Orton, given that after the third violation of the federation's Wellness Program, an athlete must be fired.

Matt Riddle turns 35 years old

The last violation to arrive in WWE, therefore, seems to be that of Andrade, a few years ago, with the company that since then does not seem to have caught any more wrestlers in the act. UFC has now dropped marijuana from their banned substances list.

Fighters can test positive for THC and there is no violation. Riddle was famously fired from the UFC because of his pot-smoking, so he just had to comment. Matt Riddle lost twice in a row this week on RAW, and that is not how he intended his run on the WWE main roster going at all.

He reportedly signed a new contract, but there is now some doubt that he followed through with it. According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, Riddle might not have signed that deal. The original contract was for $400,000 a year, but the deal he was offered in the end and thought to have signed was for more.

Apparently, that deal isn’t set in stone. “Remember when they offered him a new deal? I don’t think he’s signed yet. Just want to throw that out there”.