Jim Duggan on Royal Rumble Not Being a Big Deal in the Past

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Jim Duggan on Royal Rumble Not Being a Big Deal in the Past

WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan was in the WWE in 1988 and he never thought that the Royal Rumble would be as big as it is now. Jim was on WWE The Bump where he spoke about the Royal Rumble. He was part of the first-ever Royal Rumble match and he won it.

"I don't think anybody was more shocked in the whole building than me that I won the thing, you know," Jim Duggan chuckled. "I was a black horse, especially when I was one of the last three guys in there with Dino Bravo.

The odds looked pretty bad there for a while, but thank goodness it worked out."

Jim Duggan on Royal Rumble Not Being a Big Deal

Jim stated that his colleagues at that time did not believe the Royal Rumble would be a big deal.

However, Randy Savage knew that the Royal Rumble would play a huge part in building certain superstars. "You know, back then, it was a different business, too," Duggan said. "We did that show, and then we all got in the car and headed to another show.

We didn't have the concept of how big it was becoming. Some of the guys did. Guys like 'Macho Man' [Randy Savage], they had an understanding. We were in party mode a little bit. It was just another show another day. "And that's why it's good as an old-timer to come back into the WWE as a talent on a talent contract because I realized how big the company is becoming.

You know, you pull into the parking lot, and there are 18-wheelers, limousines, buses and satellite trucks. I mean, it's overwhelming. As a young guy, I don't think I comprehended that. But coming back to WWE, I had a chance to appreciate how big [it was] and what an accomplishment Vince [McMahon] had."

Jim, like many other WWE Hall of Famers, would like all people that follow professional wrestling to look or document the positive moments of wrestling. At the moment, Jim believes that most documentaries cover the bad side of wrestling like the Vice TV series “Dark Side of the Ring”.

"This has been a great business for me," Jim Duggan exclaimed. "So many folks hear the negative stuff about wrestling. They see the movie 'The Wrestler' with that jerk Mickey Rourke, and they think we're all like that.

It's been a great business for me. I put two daughters through school. I never had to go to rehab. I've been with my wife for 36 years. There's a lot of positive stories out there. There are guys who are successful in this business, and you just don't seem to hear about them."