Anna Jay on The Original AEW Idea that Involved Wearing a Mask

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Anna Jay on The Original AEW Idea that Involved Wearing a Mask

Anna Jay is a member of the Dark Order and she recently spoke about AEW’s original ideas for her character. She was on the Talk is Jericho podcast where she spoke about all of this. Anna wore a mask during the start of her AEW career.

"So the original mask was actually one you see all the other guys wearing. The full-on mask, the tie in on the back and everything," Jay described. "I still have it in my house. They bedazzled it for me and everything, and then as soon as I went to wear it, they were like, 'No, don't do that.

We're going to do a different one.'

Anna Jay on AEW Making Her Wear a Mask

"So then I think Charlie Ramone went to some store to get me one of that cardboard, masquerade masks. They bedazzled that for me. I wore that I think once to the ring or twice maybe.

I think I wore that a couple of times, and then Tony Khan ended up being like, 'No.' " Jericho then asked about why AEW wanted her to wear the mask. Anna noted that all other Dark Order members also wore masks and AEW wanted to continue the trend.

"I think it's just because a lot of the guys wore masks, and they just wanted me to kind of have the look of that," Jay said. "They didn't really ever say why really because I think they went back and forth a lot on whether or not they wanted me to, and they did the half mask."

Anna also spoke about the vignette that was nixed in which she wore a mask. "I think one of the ideas originally that I remember hearing was rather than just bring you in as a typical diva, whatever the word is, they're going to shame you for being a pretty girl," Jericho recalled.

"So they're gonna put you under a mask. "I did hear that," Anna Jay added. "Then they ended up doing a vignette that was kind of going along with that and me being the typical diva or whatever, and then they scrapped that.

So it kind of ended up making sense for them to scrap the mask too because it kind of went in a different direction."