AJ Styles: 'Triple H is definitely the next guy I’d like to face'

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AJ Styles: 'Triple H is definitely the next guy I’d like to face'

Last year AJ Styles was the protagonist of a big fight against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 36. The wrestler will go down in history as the last opponent of the Deadman with the two competing in a Boneyard Match with Taker who won 'by burying alive 'the opponent.

Despite the defeat, AJ Styles has taken a taste and wants a new great match, a challenge where he can meet a wrestling legend at Wrestlemania 37. Intercepted on WWE Now India's microphones, The Phenomenal One answered the question about which dream match he wants to play on the Show of Immortals and he did not hesitate to immediately reply Triple H.

Here are his words about it: "Triple H is definitely the next wrestler I'd like to challenge and I'm sure this challenge will happen at some point. For me, it was an honor to be in the ring (more or less) in the Boneyard Match against Undertaker.

at Wrestlemania 36." To tell the truth, it doesn't seem that the latest events could lead to a match between AJ Styles and Triple H at Wrestlemania but never say never in Vince McMahon's federation with the wrestler and dreams still cultivate this hope.

AJ Styles vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 37?

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, we witnessed the return of Triple H to the ring, who proved to be still competitive to fight. The Game was a 'last-minute pick' caused by WWE Champion Drew McIntyre's Covid-19 positivity.

In fact, initially, a valid clash was expected for the WWE Championship between the Scottish Psychopath and Randy Orton but with the defection in extremis of the champion to challenge The Viper, it was his former partner in the well-known and historic The Evolution.

The match, for the record, did not end due to the intervention of Alexa Bliss who interrupted the challenge and hit Randy Orton with a 'Ballfire' thus blinding The Legend Killer. The episode thus ended with Randy Orton who was struggling between anger and pain and Triple H who had already disappeared a few moments before the entry on the scene of the Goddess of The WWE and adept of The Fiend.

AJ Styles and Triple H are two of the biggest stars in WWE today, and a match between the two would surely have the fans entertained. With Triple H not being a part of last year's WrestleMania, there is a high chance that the King of Kings would be wrestling at WrestleMania this year. And who could be a better opponent for him than AJ Styles?