Uncertainty over Drew McIntyre's status for Royal Rumble

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Uncertainty over Drew McIntyre's status for Royal Rumble

WWE's plans in view of the Royal Rumble and the next episodes of Monday Night Raw have been totally upset by the news of the positivity of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre: a few hours before Raw, it was announced that The Scottish Psychopath tested positive for Coronavirus and in fact the federation of Vince McMahon was immediately forced to cancel the Main Event, a match that was to be valid for the WWE Championship between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton.

In the end, the Stamford-based company replaced McIntyre with Triple H, totally changing the Raw program. In general, we can say that WWE, like all of us, was upset by the pandemic, a situation that forced the federation to organize shows without any audience and to avoid any trip abroad.

Now the main question facing WWE and all its fans is whether Drew McIntyre will be available to challenge Bill Goldberg at the Royal Rumble 2021 on January 31st.

Update on Drew McIntyre's condition

During the last episode of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the well-known colleague Dave Meltzer took stock of the federation's thinking and the latest regarding the British wrestler.

Drew McIntyre was slightly symptomatic and for this reason, his situation is constantly updated. Here are the words about Meltzer: "In most cases involving WWE talents, wrestlers can return between 10 and 14 days, but this primarily concerns the asymptomatic, those who are positive but without experiencing any symptoms of the virus.

The situation is different for those who suffer from the disease and WWE wants to evaluate the situation by trying to understand if the wrestler could even get worse." In the last episode of Raw, Drew McIntyre appeared on video explaining that he was infected (first time in which he talks about Covid in WWE) and to feel great.

The boy has fairly mild symptoms and has no idea how he got infected as he rarely leaves the house except to go to work. The report also talked about Drew McIntyre's condition after contracted COVID-19. It is said that the WWE Champion has been showing mild symptoms as of now.

There is no word on how Drew McIntyre contracted the virus despite keeping safe. From what we were told, he was experiencing minimal symptoms and has no idea how he got it because he very rarely leaves the house if not for work these days.

McIntyre should be able to return within 14 days unless he gets sicker and would be healthy by Royal Rumble, but it isn't certain.