The Miz wants to challenge Roman Reigns

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The Miz wants to challenge Roman Reigns

In recent months Roman Reigns has had more and more importance within the WWE and now, with the well-defined role of Tribal Chief of SmackDown, he can be considered as the main protagonist and authentic ruler of the federation.

In the last episode of SmackDown, former NMA champion Adam Pearce, who has been in WWE for a few months as an Officer, was made official as an opponent for the Universal Championship title. Roman Reigns practically 'decided' his opponent for the Royal Rumble by attacking Shinsuke Nakamura and giving the victory to Pearce.

But things could change with The Big Dog who has to 'watch his back' with another superstar, this time from Raw, ready to attack to try and snatch the title of champion. The superstar in question could only be 'Mr.

Money in the Bank', The Miz, who, speaking with his colleagues at TMZ Sports, hinted that his target is not only Drew McIntyre but could also be his 'sensational' assault on SmackDown title. The Miz will participate in the Royal Rumble 2021 and maybe the only superstar in history to hold the Money in the Bank contract despite having already cashed it.

The Miz on Roman Reigns

The reality was that The Miz tried to cash in the briefcase at TLC in the match with Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles, but later, the briefcase was returned to him by Adam Pearce as it had been cashed not by The Miz but by his partner John Morrison.

Here are the words of The Miz: "Now I am Mr. Money in the Bank but at the same time I can win the Royal Rumble and still have the briefcase. In the end, I have the advantage and I can gain on both champions, I don't have to challenge Drew McIntyre but I can also try to win against Roman Reigns.

At the moment, however, my priority remains the Royal Rumble, one of the things that I have never won in the course of my career." RAW Superstar Titus O’Neil recently took part in a Rapid Fire Q&A Session with WWE AL AN host Nathalie Mamo.

During the session, O’Neil was asked several questions. Most notably, he was asked to name the WWE Superstar who has the worst finishing move in the history of pro wrestling. O’Neil revealed that he thinks The Miz’s ‘Skull Crushing Finale’ is the worst finisher of all time.

However, O’Neil provided no explanation as to why he hates the move. Several fans are likely to disagree with what O’Neil said as there are other Superstars who have noticeably less impactful finishing moves. The likes of Byron Saxton come to mind.