*Spoiler* Possible new ally for Roman Reigns

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*Spoiler* Possible new ally for Roman Reigns

In recent weeks, a very interesting storyline has emerged in the rings of Friday Night Smackdown, which sees Universal champion Roman Reigns, his younger cousin Jey Uso and WWE official Adam Pearce as protagonists of the blue show rings.

In the latest episode of Smackdown this Friday, Adam Pearce even won a gauntlet match thanks to the intervention of the reigning champion, with Pearce who had managed to pin the Japanese Nakamura, after the providential attack of the two cousins of Samoan origin, who had just done everything to get Pearce to win.

Obviously, Roman Reigns' intent was to get to the Royal Rumble with such a weak opponent, to be able to take revenge for the acts done in recent weeks, when Pearce had agreed to propose a Smackdown match between Jey Uso and Kevin Owens.

Possible new ally for Roman Reigns

In the last episode aired this night of Friday Night Smackdown, obviously there could not be missing several references and different segments regarding the show's flagship storyline, with the signing of the contract for the titled match that dominated the whole the evening.

When Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and the Tribal Chief's cousin Jey Uso seemed to have the situation in hand, with the Royal Rumble match first turning into a No DQ match and then turning once again into a Last. Man Standing match, to shoot a master shot was Adam Pearce, who put his ace up his sleeve, completely escaping from his title match in the first most important ppv of the year.

After seeing the signing of the contract for his match by Roman Reigns, in fact, Adam Pearce confirmed that if he did not get the medical ok to return to fight, which the WWE staff did not do, then the Rumble match like any other WWE match, it may be subject to change, with Kevin Owens' entrance music blasting through the arena of the ThunderDome.

With a big sly smile, therefore, the Canadian absent from the scenes for some time due to the attack suffered by Roman Reigns, has thus returned to show up in front of the Smackdown cameras, immediately receiving a new title shot for the first major ppv of 2021 and by signing the contract initially intended for Adam Pearce.

There is no doubt at all, honestly, that Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns will be an absolutely fantastic match especially if it happens in a 'Last Man Standing' environment. But this is the third time we'll be seeing these warriors joust it out in the middle of the ring, and sometimes, you just long for something fresh.

The thrill of watching Adam Pearce defying the odds to defeat Roman Reigns was a much stronger peg than just another 'wrestling match'