Hornswoggle getting is own pro-wrestling show

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Hornswoggle getting is own pro-wrestling show

Over the last few years, one of the nicest characters who have walked the WWE rings has certainly been Hornswoggle, an athlete suffering from dwarfism who was also WWE lightweight champion, with the boy initially flanked by Fit Finlay who at the beginning he did not even speak in front of the cameras of the federation to best interpret the character entrusted to him by the McMahons as a dwarf with magical powers.

After hitting the WWE rings with several characters, Hornswoggle went back to work in the independent federations, where he had already made his fortune before joining WWE. One of the last hilarious angles staged by Swoggle was in fact an entrance on the scene at Impact Wrestling, where the athlete entered the ring with the former theme song by AJ Styles, with the ring attire and the movements of the Phenomenal One, which made all the insiders and connected fans from home laugh with laughter, including Styles himself.

Apparently, however, now Hornsowggle would have started some very special personal projects, which will lead the ex WWE little guy to have probably a lot of success if the new project is valued properly.

Hornswoggle getting is own pro-wrestling show

During his latest interview with Comic Book, Hornswoggle revealed: "It will essentially be a Saturday morning of cartoons based on pro-wrestling, which is truly an exceptional thing.

I will essentially check all the stories. Like the snowman in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I am the link between every single story. These are stories from the world of wrestling in general. A lot of it will be based on episodes of Bruce Prichard's 'Something to Wrestle with' and that sort of thing.

It's a really nice innovation to see the world of pro-wrestling in a more fun way. The new cartoon series will be called 'Short Stories With Swoggle.' " WWE has a lot of ideas floating around backstage, but not all of them see the light of day.

Swoggle almost made a return to WWE television alongside the Street Profits, but that didn’t happen. While speaking to Comic Book, Hornswoggle revealed that WWE planned on using him during a segment when the Street Profits and the Viking Raiders were in the midst of their storyline.

WWE actually flew Swoggle in for the segment, but it never aired. “‘No one knows this because it never aired, but I was flown to the Performance Center to film a segment on Backlash during the Street Profit and Viking Raiders match that just never made it to air”.