Top NXT superstar was supposed to debut at 2020 Royal Rumble

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Top NXT superstar was supposed to debut at 2020 Royal Rumble

As is now known to all, in the first PPV of the year that the WWE holds in at the end of January, or the Royal Rumble, in the homonymous match for 30 men or 30 women, the federation always keeps some surprises as an ace up its sleeve, so to impress their fans with the return of old glories from the federation's past, with debuts from NXT or NXT UK or even with new arrivals from rival companies.

Over the years, in fact, athletes who had been out for some time with injuries have made dozens of surprises with their return to the Rumble, such as John Cena, Edge or Triple H. The most sensational surprise of last year's Rumble, it was precisely to see the Rated R Superstar tread a WWE ring after almost 10 years from his last match, after a terrible injury that seemed to have ended the career of the Canadian for life.

Apparently, one of the surprises WWE had in store for its fans in the women's royal brawl match was to officially debut NXT UK champion Kay Lee Ray on the main roster PPV.

Top NXT superstar was supposed to debut at 2020 Royal Rumble

As you may have seen, however, there was no trace of the girl, with the Fightful site that became aware of some details about this story and wanted to disclose them in one of its latest radio broadcasts, with journalists.

of the site which in fact revealed: "Talents get a notification on the Talent Relations app, to show up at various match rehearsals, but most of the NXT roster has no idea if they will actually be on the show or not until the night before the actual rehearsals."

According to the journalists of the well-known site, in fact, the girl from NXT UK had been called by the WWE even to the rehearsals of the match and until a few hours before the Royal Rumble live broadcast, she was expected to have an in-scene stage that in the end was never made official.

The moment when the WWE champion of the British roster realized that she would not be used came when the WWE communicated the entry numbers to her athletes and obviously her name was not among those nominated by the various officials.

of the company. WWE is beefing up their NXT UK brand in a big way. They added to the roster this week with the debut of Sha Samuels. Sha Samuels made his debut on NXT UK this week as Ed Harvey, his new name in the brand. He spent years traveling around the UK indie scene including RevPro, xWx, Preston City Wrestling and more. Now he is in WWE as a member of the NXT UK brand, and he was happy to make this big reveal today.