Backstage logic behind Vince McMahon's WWE Royal Rumble win

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Backstage logic behind Vince McMahon's WWE Royal Rumble win

Throughout WWE history, anecdotes are often revealed about things and projects that the federation had in store but failed to exploit. Before the segment actually takes place, Vince McMahon's federation works and changes things several times.

For example, there are many who remember that at WrestleMania 30 The Undertaker should have won against Brock Lesnar, but Vince McMahon overturned everything by deciding just one day before the event. Speaking during the usual podcast on Sportskeeda, the former member of the creative team Vince Russo unveiled a sensational twist regarding the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Vince Russo has worked in WWE for several years and has now intervened in Sportskeeda Wrestling's Off The SKript along with Dr. Chris Featherstone, the former creative has revealed: "At the time of the 1999 Royal Rumble in the federation there was no real favorite, it was a very important time and in early January we knew that Vince McMahon was the favorite person as that season's Royal Rumble winner.

In the end, it went like this and we all knew it for two months before."

Why did Vince McMahon not headline WrestleMania XV?

Despite all of Vince McMahon's victory at the Royal Rumble, we all knew by now that he would never compete in the Wrestlemania Main Event and therefore his victory only helped improve the storyline between Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Vince McMahon.

Between 2020 and 2021, WWE was devastated by the pandemic that literally upset the world of wrestling. Wrestlers and cut insiders and shows with no audience have 'cut the legs' of the federation of Vince McMahon who cannot even go to show outside the United States of America.

Recently the federation has also had to deal with the positivity of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre who conditioned the last episode of Monday Night Raw and which will condition the next episodes in view of the Royal Rumble. “We knew Vince isn’t going to be in the main event because Vince isn’t going to deliver that match, but it also gave us great program and great storytelling leading up from January to WrestleMania of exactly how we were gonna get Vince out of that match and what the story was going to be”.

In the end, Austin defeated The Rock in the main event of WrestleMania XV to win the WWE Championship. The winner of the Royal Rumble usually goes on to headline WrestleMania in a WWE World Championship match. However, Vince McMahon did not do that.

Instead, he lost his WrestleMania spot at the following month’s pay-per-view, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, in a steel cage match against Steve Austin.