New details on Rey and Dominik Mysterio's future

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New details on Rey and Dominik Mysterio's future

Over the past year, WWE has focused heavily on the entire Mysterio family of Mexican origins, including Murphy and Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio's wife and daughter Aalyah in the storyline. In a long feud that also saw the official debut in the WWE rings of Dominik Mysterio, who has now become in effect a WWE Superstar, starting to work first in the rings of Monday Night Raw and then moving on to those of Friday Night Smackdown, the Mexican-born family seemed more united than ever, with all the members of the San Diego goblin family looking over their shoulder with each other, including the family.

newcomer, Aalyah's boyfriend: Murphy. In the last episode of the blue show aired on this Friday, Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik Mysterio were the protagonists of a match, where technically the legendary Lucha Libre athlete had to be an active participant in the contest.

The latest news on Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Thanks to a clever ruse by King Corbin, which also involved Dominik in the match, however, the king of the ring managed to win his match by distracting Rey Mysterio, with Dominik who after being attacked for free by the blue show's heel, tempted to take revenge, prompting his father to stop him, distracting himself.

After Corbin's victory, Rey Mysterio expressed all his disappointment towards his son, who by being teased by Corbin ended up costing Rey dearly. Apparently, the WWE among its many plans planned for Mysterio, also had in mind to stage a split between father and son, with Dominik who in an unspecified moment of last year, but probably also of this just opened, he could have made his turn heel towards his father, starting a feud between the two.

We currently don't know if these are WWE's actual plans, but it looks like the first seeds for a feud between Rey and his son Dominik Mysterio may have already been sown with this segment at Smackdown. We will see in the coming weeks if this was really WWE's intention or if their storyline will evolve differently.

Seth Rollins’ hiatus seemed to hit the pause button on Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy’s angle. He was in the middle of a storyline with of the two lovebirds. We will have to see if it picks up once The Messiah returns to action.

Ringside News exclusively reported why SmackDown advertised Seth Rollins’ return, but then it was pulled. It was never officially booked, but it was noted as a possibility. Rollins could return any week now, but a safe bet seems to look toward the Royal Rumble for his return.