Backstage news on original plans last week's finish on Raw involving Alexa Bliss

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Backstage news on original plans last week's finish on Raw involving Alexa Bliss

As we saw in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Triple H took over from Drew McIntyre in a sort of match at the show's finale, with the company's COO having to take the field to go to cover that big hole left by the WWE Champion, who tested positive at Covid just a few hours before the event, once again messing up the company's plans.

Although Drew McIntyre still appeared in a couple of home videos, with the Scotsman reassuring fans about his health, even confirming the title challenge for the Royal Rumble against WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg, Triple H however, she had to return to perform, to avoid that the ratings drop drastically in the last hour of transmission, orphan of her absolute champion.

At the end of their battle, however, we also saw Alexa Bliss return to the Raw rings, throwing a fireball at The Viper, who was so blinded to the ground while screaming on the ring mat. According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known site Fightful, apparently, the WWE still had in mind to stage the final segment with Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton on Raw, even if the titled match between Drew McIntyre and Orton was staged.

The finish of WWE RAW between Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton was always the plan

As confirmed by the journalists of the site, in fact: "We were told that the ending with Alexa Bliss throwing the fireball was still in the plans from the start, both with the second pick being Triple H, and when Drew McIntyre was originally going to perform."

The only difference, then, in the Monday Night Raw main event, is that Alexa Bliss did not interrupt a WWE Championship titled match, but a "simple" no-hit battle between the two legendary former athletes. Evolution: Randy Orton and Triple H.

Triple H being injected into WWE RAW was a last-minute change for the red brand after WWE Champion Drew McIntyre tested positive for COVID-19 and was immediately placed into quarantine. The company was able to pivot the opponent for Randy Orton and still give the WWE Universe the planned finish for the evening, which has to be seen as a success, all things considered.

For those wondering about the actual fireball itself, Sapp confirms that it was indeed real and not computer-generated. That is something that could have been done given the nature of the ThunderDome venue, where shows are currently aired.

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