Nikki Bella pays tribute to Sasha Banks

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Nikki Bella pays tribute to Sasha Banks

One of the WWE wrestlers who has grown the most in and out of the company rings with her character in recent years is definitely the current Friday Night Smackdown champion, Sasha Banks. After being elected athlete of the year 2020 by Sports Illustrated, Sasha Banks also received compliments from dozens of other WWE insiders and beyond, with the latest compliments coming to the girl from the federation's former champion: Nikki Bella.

In her latest speech released on the Pretty Big Deal podcast, Nikki Bella to congratulate the Smackdown champion, revealing that she understood that Sasha Banks would have split in WWE since her debut, even before the athlete made her debut in front of the WWE cameras, saying: "I've always said that about Sasha Banks.

Ever since the day he debuted, even before her debut even. She is an athlete who has everything you need to look to be a WWE Superstar. She is an incredible wrestler and a well-rounded entertainer. The minute she plays her music and she steps out onto the ramp, she's won you over in that second."

Nikki Bella on Sasha Banks

According to the former female champion of the Stamford company, therefore, it took very little for her and several other insiders to understand how Sasha Banks could quickly become one of the most followed and loved women in pro-wrestling, with the results coming in the years after that definitely proved Brie Bella's twin right.

After just 9 years, in fact, Sasha Banks has become one of the most important, influential and fundamental wrestlers for WWE, who in a moment of such a pandemic, absolutely must take advantage of all the fame and possible skill of her Superstars to be able to go forward and to engage WWE Universe fans with their product.

Nikki Bella teased an in-ring return with her sister Brie. We’ll have to see if and when that comes about. Perhaps Nikki Bella and Sasha Banks will have another chance to square off in the ring in the future. Vince McMahon is a man who knows what he wants, and that desire changes from time to time.

If you’re working for The Chairman, you better be ready for plans to be altered at a moment’s notice. Sasha Banks is well-versed in Vince McMahon’s script changing ways. She might send love to McMahon on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to creative alterations.