Renee Young reveals Jon Moxle's story of their first interaction

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Renee Young reveals Jon Moxle's story of their first interaction

One of the many couples who have emerged over the years within the WWE environments is the one that sees together Jon Moxley, former WWE world champion (where he fought under the name of Dean Ambrose) and AEW and his wife Renee Young, returned to being Renee Paquette, after her request for release from the Stamford federation.

The two, after getting married, are now also expecting their first child, just as happened with Seth Rollins and future wife Becky Lynch, who have recently had their little Roux or Roman Reigns, who last saw the birth of his last twins.

All three former Shields, in fact, got busy at the same time, starting a family and expanding it. In her latest interview, former WWE interviewer and commentator, Renee Paquette, also wanted to tell the hilarious first verbal encounter she had with her future husband, Dean Ambrose, outside the WWE ring, with the two who didn't have their own a real articulate speech and with the beautiful Renee who finished her speech with a "but how dare you?"

Renee Young on Jon Moxley's story of their first interaction

In his latest interview with the well-known Chris Van Vliet, Renee Young revealed: "So he (Jon Moxley ed) always reminds me of the moment we met for the first time and when we talked to each other since he was always running up and down the corridors because he had to prepare for the entry with the Shield.

This time he was getting ready by putting oil on his hair and getting his hair wet, or whatever he was doing. But I was trying to understand how the wrestling world worked on Twitter. So I said 'Hey, do people on the internet for some reason think you and I are going out together?' And he replied, 'Well that would be a great thing for you' And I immediately replied 'But how dare you?'" Right from the first meeting, therefore, Jon Moxley's overwhelming irony had made Renee Young understand that future awaited her alongside the former Shield, with the sympathy that was certainly a very effective weapon in conquering the girl, who eventually also decided to stay alongside the fighter for life, marrying him.

Renee Paquette also commented on her thought process when she realized that she and her husband, Jon Moxley were about to become parents. "It's really cool. It is so exciting to be doing this experience with my favorite person.

I was like. "Whoa! I am making a person with my favorite person" It's crazy. it's really cool. It blows my mind." Renee Paquette said. After leaving WWE, Renee Paquette has been pursuing some of her other interests.

Her first cookbook titled "Messy In The Kitchen: My Guide to Eating Deliciously, Hosting Fabulously and Sipping Copiously." is set to release on 21st May 2021 via the permuted press.