Former WWE writer sends a big message to Triple H

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Former WWE writer sends a big message to Triple H

The last episode of Monday Night Raw was totally conditioned by the news of the positivity of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, a situation that literally upset the initial program of the red show. Initially, the Main Event of the meeting scheduled on Raw was to be a challenge for the WWE Championship between the champion Drew McIntyre and the Legend Killer Randy Orton in yet another challenge and rematch that featured two of Raw's main wrestlers.

The positivity of Scottish Psychopath has totally changed the plans of the federation of Vince McMahon who for the meeting has even 'dusted off' the return to the ring of the vice president of the federation, husband of Stephanie McMahon and former WWE champion Triple H.

The Game returned to challenge Randy Orton after the latter had 'insulted' the Legends last week but the match was stopped a few minutes after the intervention of Alexa Bliss, also returning after several weeks of absence.

Vince Russo on Triple H

Many in the WWE Universe have noticed that, as soon as Alexa Bliss arrived in the ring, Triple H literally disappeared from the ring with the episode ending shortly after. During the last edition of SK Wrestling's Legion of Raw, former WWE creative Vince Russo had harsh words for The Game.

Here are his statements: "Brother, Hunter, Paul, now I look at the camera and say I'm talking to you. You're 52 years old and you go out on TV with MotorHeads, the leather jacket and still spitting water! Hunter, stop!..

You are now a business executive with children running around the house. He like the others, these guys have to stop, they are no longer what they used to be and they have to understand it! I think he is stupid and silly, this way Hunter makes a fool of himself and I tell you, think about it for a second: a leather jacket to go to a match? What the hell do you think."

In a very hard way, the colleagues closed the choice of the Monday Night Raw Main Event with controversy. "You guys have to fr**king stop. It's stupid. It's silly; it's freaking ridiculous. Hunter, you are a 52-year-old man; there is nothing wrong with that.

Think about this for a second, Chris. Why am I putting on a leather jacket to go wrestle a match? Why am I putting a leather jacket on to go wrestle? Will you guys stop? Stop! Just stop!" Vince Russo didn't mince his words when talking about Triple H's return on Monday Night RAW. What do you guys think? Do you agree with what Russo had to say?