Renee Young gives her thoughts on what kind of father Jon Moxley will be

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Renee Young gives her thoughts on what kind of father Jon Moxley will be

Jon Moxley is best remembered for his past, between 2012 and 2019, in the WWE, where he performed as Dean Ambrose, where he once held the WWE Championship, three times the Intercontinental Championship, once the United States Championship and twice the Raw Tag Team Championship (with Seth Rollins), resulting in the sixteenth wrestler to have completed the Grand Slam in the new format.

He was also the winner of the 2016 edition of Money in the Bank, which he successfully cashed the same night against Rollins. His reign as US champion, which lasted 351 days (from May 19, 2013, to May 5, 2014), is the third-longest in the history of the title (also considering the WCW version) and the longest ever in the WWE version.

In All Elite Wrestling, Moxley has won the AEW World Championship once, and his 277-day reign is the longest in title history. Renee Young thinks that their first child will be a mix of how both of them were as kids.

Renee Young on Jon Moxley

"I feel like this kid is gonna be very 'rough and tumble'

I was like such a Tomboy as a kid always scraped up, and doing whatever, obviously Jon was the same. I'm like,"This kid is going to grow up on a wrestling mat" I'm sure, and he is like "She's gonna be chocking b****es out before you know it"

He's gonna take her down to this MMA gym he works out at. But, first of all, she is gonna be playing hockey," said Renee Young. Renee Paquette also commented on her thought process when she realized that she and her husband, Jon Moxley were about to become parents.

"It's really cool. It is so exciting to be doing this experience with my favorite person. I was like. "Whoa! I am making a person with my favorite person" It's crazy. it's really cool. It blows my mind."

Renee Paquette said. She believes that Jon Moxley's secret 'sweet guy' personality will reveal itself and that he will also be a very protective and caring dad. She also feels that the baby will be calling the shots once she's born.

"I don't know. I have no idea. Your guys' guesses are as good as mine. But I think, I mean not to like blow his cover or anything, but he's like a pretty sweet dude. So I think once this little girl enters his world, she is gonna rock him.

I think she's gonna have him rapped around her little finger. He's very protective too, so I think that will be the first thing, making sure everything is okay, and making sure every corner is padded," said Renee Paquette.