Drew McIntyre's return date revealed

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Drew McIntyre's return date revealed

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre officially announced that he had tested positive for Coronavirus and therefore remained in quarantine. Only a few days had passed since the announcement of the match for the Royal Rumble between Drew McIntyre and Bill Goldberg and the company's plans regarding the approach to the next Pay per View on January 31st were totally upset.

The last edition of Raw was also announced with the Main Event with a match for the title between The Scottish Psychopath and Randy Orton, but in the end, everything was blown due to this damn virus and the federation was even forced to revive Triple H, returned to the ring after some time.

Now there is much anticipation to understand when the WWE Champion will return and especially if he will be available for the Royal Rumble. WWE normally expects an athlete to return to competition after 10-14 days of quarantine but this is for asymptomatic wrestlers.

In the course of his videoconference on Raw Drew McIntyre has in fact announced that he has no symptoms and therefore the situation will be evaluated day after day.

Drew McIntyre vs. Goldberg at WWE Royal Rumble 2021

According to a report by the Wrestling Observer Radio, Drew McIntyre could therefore return to attend next week's episode of Raw.

The WWE Champion assured with the following message that he will soon return to the screens of the Stamford-based Federation: "I am one of those lucky people with no symptoms, but I want to remind you that Covid is not to be taken lightly" Drew McIntyre was initially claimed to have mild symptoms but apparently he would be asymptomatic.

There is no confirmation as to how the wrestler caught the virus as McIntyre only alternated between home and work and took all safety measures. This is very important because WWE has to propose an interesting storyline about the match with Goldberg with the two who will have to tease each other in view of the Royal Rumble match.

Later in the night, in another promo via satellite, Drew McIntyre answered and accepted Goldberg's challenge for the WWE Championship at WWE Royal Rumble 2021 later this month. It was two weeks ago during the RAW Legends Night where Goldberg returned after Drew McIntyre's main-event title defense against Keith Lee.

The Hall of Famer went on to claim that Drew McIntyre hasn't won his respect and subsequently challenged him for the WWE title at Royal Rumble 2021. The segment led to massive outrage among the WWE Universe on the Internet who weren't pleased with Goldberg entering himself into the world title scene again.

It is to be seen whether Goldberg puts over Drew McIntyre at the upcoming pay-per-view or claim his fourth world title in the company.