*Spoiler* What is next for Drew McIntyre and Goldberg?

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*Spoiler* What is next for Drew McIntyre and Goldberg?

Although the WWE Champion remained out due to his contagion found by covid-19, WWE is still continuing to carry on the feud between the Scottish Drew McIntyre and the WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg, with the two who will still compete in the evening dedicated to the Royal Rumble, with Drew who will surely be cured by then.

Although the absolute champion of Monday Night Raw was also asymptomatic to the disease, in all respects, the possibility remains high that he will go to infect his colleagues in the WWE rings, so the federation had to leave him at home, at least for a couple of weeks, which would be the normal and regular course of the disease.

In the last episode of Raw, however, the fans had a moment of gasp, when the entrance music of Bill Goldberg and then of Drew McIntyre, with the Scotsman who obviously could not be present, resounded in the arena, precisely cause covid.

Update on Goldberg and Drew McIntyre

As we have come to know in recent years, there is a former WWE Superstar who occasionally reappears on the scene, to make fun of the WWE Hall of Famer, Bill Goldberg, with the character of Gillberg, who comes often invited by McMahons on his shows.

The last appearance seen in the rings of the Stamford-based company for the former WWF lightweight champion, dates back to a few years ago, when Kevin Owens was in a feud with Goldberg and beaten his "badly released" copy, which she had allowed herself to enter the ring while the Prizefighter was talking.

After having had a bad heart attack from which he recovered better, the now-withdrawn athlete came to make an appearance on the talk show of The Miz and John Morrison, with a hilarious curtain that made the fans of the WWE Universe laugh, especially when it was the turn of "Drew McIntyre", a pot-bellied man with a wig (who also got lost on the way in his entrance), who were the main guests of a hilarious episode of the Dirt Sheet.

In any case, WWE has already confirmed the return of the two real Drew McIntyre and Bill Goldberg for the next episode of the red show which will air in exactly 7 days. Considering both Drew McIntyre and Goldberg will be returning next Monday, fans can expect to see a heated confrontation between both men.

The face-off between both Superstars should cap off the final episode of RAW before Royal Rumble. Speaking of Royal Rumble, we can assume that much of the confrontation between both men will be about their upcoming match at the Rumble, where Drew McIntyre will be defending his WWE Championship against Goldberg.