*Spoiler* Randy Orton debuts new look on WWE Raw

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*Spoiler* Randy Orton debuts new look on WWE Raw

Last week's episode of Monday Night Raw ended as you all know with Alexa Bliss throwing a fireball straight into Randy Orton's face, in the brawl between Orton and Triple H in the main event of the evening, with the ex-WWE Champion who was left on the ground in pain and blinded by the sneaky attack of his friend from Fiend and with fans who did not know in what conditions the athlete could be.

During this night's episode of Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton wanted to give his fans an update on his physical situation but presenting himself on-screen as never done in his life, or with a mask, which is used by the Legend Killer to soothe the pains and burns encountered with the attack last week, perpetrated against him by the beautiful Alexa Bliss.

Randy Orton wore a mask over his face

After telling fans that he had first degree burns all over his face, Randy Orton also ran a promo on Raw in which he said he didn't want to blame Alexa Bliss for what happened last week but wanted to blame all that happened on the Fiend, which although it seems to be dead, is instead alive and well and would be plotting behind his back, using Alexa Bliss.

In saying these words, Orton appeared with a luchador-style mask and a visibly red face, a sign that the burns suffered last week have not yet subsided. Randy also revealed that he was unable to sleep at night due to burns, but the great thing is that Orton apparently found pleasure in the pain inflicted on him by Alexa Bliss just 7 days ago.

We will see where this huge and very original WWE feud will lead, with the Fiend that has not shown up since TLC, but that will surely return in time for the Royal Rumble, where he could make an appearance against Randy Orton or where he will make it clear.

however how this story will turn out, one way or another. Randy Orton wore a mask to shield the viewers from his facial injuries. The Viper cut an ominous promo, saying that he showed compassion towards Alexa Bliss by not burning her like The Fiend.

However, the same compassion cost him deeply in last week's episode. Orton also blamed The Fiend for everything. The Apex Predator will not back down from this year's WWE Royal Rumble match. Orton promised to burn everyone else's dreams in the said match so that he will then go on to main event WrestleMania 37.