Update on the storyline between Asuka and Alexa Bliss

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Update on the storyline between Asuka and Alexa Bliss

In a few hours the next episode of Monday Night Raw will be staged, an edition that is highly anticipated and will arouse so much curiosity within the WWE Universe. Waiting to know the behavior of the WWE regarding the race to the WWE Championship given the now announced positivity to Covid-19 of the champion Drew McIntyre, one of the most anticipated matches of the evening is the match, not valid for the female title, between the champion Asuka and Alexa Bliss.

For The Goddess of The WWE, it is a return to the ring as she has not fought in a match since the last fight of the month of November in 2020 against the now ex-friend Nikki Cross. It was an intense and particular match with Alexa who 'pretended' to make peace with her ex-friend and attacked 'in a moment of emotion, thus managing to win the match.

In these two months, Alexa Bliss has been the protagonist on Raw together with The Fiend and in particular, the two 'crazy friends' of the red show have recently been involved against Randy Orton. Last week Alexa Bliss stepped into the Main Event between the Legend Killer and Triple H, took all WWE fans by surprise and as The Game immediately left the ring she threw this shot at Randy and literally blinded him with an amazing 'Ball Fire' This is how last week's red show ended.

Alexa Bliss has officially entered the 2021 Women's WWE Royal Rumble match

Many people wonder what will happen if Alexa Bliss wins the match, scheduled in a few hours. In case of victory, Alexa could become the #1 Contender of the Japanese title and there could be interesting implications in view of the Royal Rumble, tournament scheduled for next January 31st.

Despite this Asuka is not letting herself be intimidated and through social media, she wrote the following message: "I'm not afraid, on The Legend Night of Raw I met Boogeyman." The main event of this week's Monday Night RAW saw Alexa Bliss go one-on-one with the RAW Women's Champion Asuka.

The highly anticipated match turned out to be a spooky one with a lot of twists, turns, and drama. Alexa Bliss entered the match in her smiling bubbly girl persona. However, mid-way, the lights went off and RAW went on commercial.

When the lights came back, Alexa Bliss' entire look and behavior changed. Wearing a black top now, she stopped smiling and was sadistically looking at Asuka across the ring, who was legitimately scared. While Asuka managed to get a few strikes in, it was finally Alexa Bliss who had the final laugh as she delivered Sister Abigail on the RAW Women's Champion to get the win.