Road Warrior Animal’s Harsh Words for Becky Lynch

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Road Warrior Animal’s Harsh Words for Becky Lynch

As noted, Becky Lynch, Tyler Breeze and Road Warrior Animal had a war on Twitter. Animal stated his opinion and stated that Lynch should be a baby face and leave ‘The Man’ gimmick. He also stated the Breeze is a simple ‘job guy’ and nothing special for the WWE at all.

As a result, both superstars responded to Animal and he got called out. On the What a Rush podcast, Animal talked about the war. “First of all, Becky Lynch needs to get over herself, first and foremost," Animal said. "When Becky Lynch can achieve what I've achieved in the sport of pro wrestling, then she can call me out.

But other than that, she's not earned her stripes to call me out alright, and I just want to make that perfectly clear. I don't think anyone in the wrestling world will have any objection to that”. He asked his co-host Joe, "Second of all Joe, you remember that article? It's funny to me how people take little tidbits of stuff and they run with it.

You also heard me say in our interview that I thought she was the greatest female going today in the sport of wrestling. Did I not say that?" "Did I not say that women are stealing the show in that company," Animal asked Joe Again.

Joe responded by saying yes to all the questions. "Okay, so Becky, where is the compliment of saying that you're the greatest female," asked Animal. "Where's the compliment of saying the women stole the show at WrestleMania, at TLC and so on? "If someone wants to hang her hat on one little comment, as compared to ten positives, well then hey, I rest my case," stated Animal. "They're thinking about their own egos and not really thinking about the big picture."