*Spoiler* Updated WWE Royal Rumble card

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*Spoiler* Updated WWE Royal Rumble card

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired during the night on USA Network, WWE wanted to give its fans many more surprises, from the presence of Gillberg and a fake Drew McIntyre to the appearance of a masked Randy Orton, up to to the strange powers that Alexa Bliss displayed in her return match in the ring against the red show champion: Asuka.

All this was in any case in the function of the great storylines that the federation is building for its next great ppv in January, the Royal Rumble, which like every year, even without an audience, will still open the very famous Road to Wrestlemania, which will bring wrestlers, federation and fans towards the most anticipated PPV of the year in the world of pro-wrestling.

Obviously, WWE's first Big Four wouldn't be called that if it didn't include the famous 30-man or 30-woman contest (as has become customary in recent years), with the two match-winners going straight to Wrestlemania at challenge an absolute champion of their choice of the company, hoping to snatch that title they have dreamed of for years.

The Royal Rumble match is going down on January 31st

Even in the last installment of the red show, some very important names have been added to the list of personalities who had already made it known that they were participants in the Royal Rumble, with Jeff Hardy and Alexa Bliss being probably the two most high-sounding names, which are were added in the night to the famous royal brawl.

Now let's see all the athletes announced for the moment for the men's and women's Royal Rumble by the WWE: Men's Royal Rumble: - Daniel Bryan - Bobby Lashley - AJ Styles - Randy Orton - Otis - The Miz - Jey Uso - Cesaro Jeff Hardy.

Female Royal Rumble: - Nia Jax - Charlotte Fair - Bianca Belair - Bayley - Mandy Rose - Dana Brooke - Peyton Royce - Alexa Bliss -Shayna Baszler. As seen on Sky Bet, the betting odds for Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens at WWE Royal Rumble have been released.

Four years on from when they clashed for the Universal Championship in 2017, where Reigns was the babyface and Owens was the heel, the two will meet once again with the same belt being on the line. Owens will take the place of Adam Pearce after the two manufactured a plan to ensure it was Owens who would get another shot at The Tribal Chief.