Lacey Evans says she is going to marry Ric Flair

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Lacey Evans says she is going to marry Ric Flair

In recent weeks, a new storyline has appeared in the rings of Monday Night Raw, with the Stamford-located federation' Nature Boy, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, turning his back on his daughter, the female tag team champion along with Asuka, Charlotte Flair, and instead, going to help his new flame, Lacey Evans, on multiple occasions.

After seeing a real turn from the legendary Flair against his daughter, hitherto always supported in and out of the rings of the McMahon company, once again the WWE multi-champion would have lost his head to a woman, now younger of him of over 40 years, with the two who would have formed a steady couple in the last episode of the red show last week, definitively abandoning Charlotte's shoulders.

Update on Ric Flair and Lacey Evans

Also during the last episode of Raw staged last night, Lacey Evans and Ric Flair showed up together in Orlando's ThunderDome, with the couple once again going to annoy the WWE Queen with her new future " stepmother "who also wore one of the garments that made Ric Flair famous, in her scenographic entrances.

Despite the distraction, Charlotte still won her match against Peyton Royce, with the daughter of the Hall of Famer also talking about what happened backstage earlier on Raw, saying Evans can steal her father's clothes, but not.

will ever steal her crown, as the queen of the WWE. At this point, the beautiful former marine took the time to respond to the federation's female tag team champion, responding to Charlotte's words on Twitter, where she wrote: "Your crown? !!

Muababababbabababababhhba I'm coming first for your last name honey. Woooooo." The reference is clear to the fact that Lacey Evans wants to marry Ric Flair, with the only way in the USA to have the name of her partner which is to marry him.

We'll see now if WWE will organize a real marriage between over 70 Ric Flair and just 30-year-old Lacey Evans or whether plans for the couple will change once again, with fans already in turmoil over what happened in the latest instalments of the red show.

On this week’s RAW, the storyline continued as Charlotte Flair took on Peyton Royce. During the match, Lacey Evans walked out with Ric Flair to his music and also wore his iconic robe. Despite the distraction, Charlotte Flair defeated Royce with Figure 8.

After the match, Flair was interviewed backstage where she addressed what Lacey Evans did on the show. Flair said that no matter what Evans does, she will never take Charlotte Flair’s crown.