Vince McMahon not sharing ideas for main WrestleMania matches

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Vince McMahon not sharing ideas for main WrestleMania matches

Already at this time of the year, the call for the Showcase of the Immortals (WrestleMania) becomes ever greater, with the concomitance of the Royal Rumble which actually opens the doors to the most anticipated PPV of the year, which helps fans and the company to create hype for Wrestlemania.

Even this year, although we are still struggling to come out of a year of a global pandemic that will leave long aftermath for a long time to come, WWE is still trying to organize things as best as possible for its flagship, the PPV that everyone they know and everyone loves and that WWE Universe fans can't wait to see again.

This year, with Wrestlemania we will also return to having the audience present in the room, with a truly historic event, which is destined to make people discuss already on the eve of the event, between those who are happy with it and those who are worried about everything.

that it could go wrong at such a time, despite proper precautions. Apparently, in the last few days, the only thing that WWE would have officially decided would be the dates and locations of the next three editions of Wrestlemania, with this year's event card still on the high seas.

According to some sources inside the WWE, Vince McMahon and his right-hand man, Bruce Prichard, already have something in mind to stage at the Showcase of the Immortals, but they would still be keeping everything secret, thus avoiding possible leaks.

WWE announced that WrestleMania 37 will be a two-night event

According to reports from the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon already has in mind some very important matches that WWE will almost certainly stage from Raymond James Stadium, but for the moment no one is known who will do it.

part of these cartel matches. Since this year's edition is also divided into two evenings, like last year's, the WWE will also have to cover several hours of the show, with a lineup that is drawn up as soon as possible and can be modified as soon as possible until the final draft is available.

definitive ready. According to what was always reported by WWE internal sources, the decision not to disclose important information to the rest of the crew is said to have come from Bruce Prichard, who would have interrupted the dialogue established between Vince McMahon and the rest of the creative team, thus blocking the disclosure in the bud.

important news for WrestleMania. Vince McMahon also booked Chainsaw Charlie as a rib on Jim Cornette. It turns out that McMahon might use his booking for more than just entertaining his fans. He also might enjoy making a point out of the situation if the mood strikes him. That seems to have been the reason behind the New Midnight Express.