Future plans revealed for Triple H

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Future plans revealed for Triple H

During the penultimate episode of Monday Night Raw, we witnessed the return to the ring of the WWE executive and legend of the world of wrestling Triple H. This represented a last-minute option, arrived to play the Main Event after the news of the positivity to the Covid-19 by WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

In fact, initially, there was a valid match for the title between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton, but the positivity of the first a few hours before Raw has upset the plans of the federation that has found itself to carry out this meeting between Orton and his former leader (now several years have passed) at Evolution.

For the record, that match did not end with the surprising intervention of Alexa Bliss who threw a 'Ballfire' at Randy Orton blinding him and forcing him to wear a mask to avoid showing the burns, as we saw in the last episode of Raw.

Triple H and Randy Orton's history

There are many fans of the WWE Universe who have wondered what will really happen now with Triple H and if he will return to fight from time to time. According to reports from colleagues at Cagesideseats, The Game will return to the sidelines and all speculations regarding a full-time return to the ring of Stephanie McMahon's husband have been dismissed.

The return of Triple H to the ring will not lead to any storyline and the now ex-wrestler will surely remain indefinitely on the sidelines of the wrestling. In 2020 Triple H did not participate in any match and last week was his first appearance on Monday Night Raw after several months of absence.

Triple H currently has an important role in WWE and there are many insiders who think he will be the next, after Vince McMahon, to become the head of WWE. In the last few months, Triple H has been focusing mainly on the development of NXT and recently Konnan said, regarding the management of The Game: "NXT is a really well-done show, with great matches and interesting stories, there is a great eye for talent.

by Triple H." Triple H and Randy Orton's careers have crossed paths on multiple occasions. HHH had taken a young Randy Orton under his wing during their days in Evolution. The Game turned on Randy Orton after the latter won his first world title, and the two men have been butting heads with each other since then.

However, the two have joined forces every now and then, with the most notable one being Orton joining The Authority in 2013.