Change in original plan for Drew McIntyre's return

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Change in original plan for Drew McIntyre's return

The preparation for the Royal Rumble, in WWE and in particular in Raw, was complicated not a little by the news of Drew McIntyre's positivity to the tampon. Fortunately, the Scot is completely asymptomatic, and therefore his health is good.

But many doubts have followed in recent weeks about his return to action and in particular in reference to the title match against Goldberg on which Stamford seem to be betting a lot. This is why the news coming in these hours could generate an important sigh of relief in the federation.

The period of forced removal of Drew McIntyre from the ring is in fact close to end. According to what was anticipated by 'PWInsider', in fact, the WWE Champion could return to action regularly on Friday. The hope of the company is to be able to count on him already on Friday night, on the occasion of the recording of the Superstar Spectacle event.

This represents the first rapprochement of the Scotsman to Raw and therefore to the feud with Goldberg which will lead to the Royal Rumble.

Drew McIntyre opens up on being asymptomatic

It is, therefore, a few days earlier than initially expected, given that until a few days ago it did not seem possible for him to return before the next episode of Raw.

Drew McIntyre himself in his telephone intervention during the red show had been clear: "I am one of those lucky people without symptoms, but I want to remind you that Covid is not to be taken lightly" It is important to underline that only at a later time it was understood that he did not present symptoms, while initially it was feared that (although mild) there were.

This last, fundamental detail has in fact significantly changed the prospects of seeing him regularly take part in Royal Rumble, compared to the many doubts that hovered a few days ago. If all these indications were confirmed, in fact, there would be no more doubts that the match against Goldberg will be held regularly.

It should also be noted that the absence of Drew McIntyre in the latest episode of Raw led to the "replacement" of him in a comic segment in which his role was played by a comedian. In the same segment, however, Goldberg was played by the returning Gillberg.

Drew McIntyre also had a special message to share with the world and the WWE Champion stated that he was glad he didn't infect other Superstars. He also added that he is very fortunate to be asymptomatic. "So, everyone out there, just keep wearing those masks, they'll get you, so you got to really really try because it is out there—it's about.

So glad we caught it before I was able to pass it to my fellow roster members who might have passed it to somebody in the high-risk category. So I'm just very, very happy that WWE has been testing as much as they have. And I'm very fortunate to be asymptomatic." said Drew McIntyre.