Daniel Bryan most likely to win 2021 Royal Rumble

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Daniel Bryan most likely to win 2021 Royal Rumble

In recent weeks, the air of Wrestlemania has begun to be felt, with the next great WWE PPV coming later this month, the Royal Rumble, which as every year will open the famous Road to Wrestlemania, in view of the most anticipated PPV of all year round in the pro-wrestling world.

While there are several great storylines within WWE's main shows, with Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns already having a considerable opponent to face in the January Rumble, there are rumors about who might win for now the men's Royal Rumble title.

As seen in recent weeks, the former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan has begun to ring a series of reasonably worrying defeats, with the main reason for this negative streak that would be to be found precisely in a clear will of the leader of the Yes Movement, who having now also a role in the WWE creative team, at Smackdown, he preferred to send over several of his colleagues, losing.

Apparently, however, according to the most important betting sites on American soil, Daniel Bryan has still become the most eligible wrestler to win the royal brawl at the end of the month, with his name that despite the defeats has shot to the top of the list of athletes whose victory would be paid less by the agencies.

The latest news on Daniel Bryan

As you can see from the list of athletes most likely to win the Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan reigns unchallenged at the number 1 position, not just behind all the other colleagues. This is the list reported by the well-known betting site Betonline: 1- Daniel Bryan +125 2- Keith Lee +400 3- Edge +500 4- Brock Lesnar +600 5- Big E +700 6- Goldberg +800 7- Drew McIntyre +900 8- AJ Styles +1000 9- The Rock +1000.

Although there is nothing official or unofficial in this ranking, the name of Daniel Bryan continues to receive acclaim, with the WWE that may have finally decided to bet everything on the talent of Smackdown, as he could soon become a part-timer athlete, as Daniel himself has admitted several times in recent weeks.

Daniel Bryan suffered another loss on Friday Night SmackDown, this time to Cesaro. Bryan declared his entry into the 2021 Royal Rumble match, but it is not the easiest road for him. Who is behind this losing streak? Ringside News has learned that Daniel Bryan’s losing streak is his call.

He wants to put people over, and he is doing this to elevate those he works with. Bryan is a part of the SmackDown writing team, and he is heavily involved. We recently ran a detailed exclusive about how he has been praised backstage for his work with the roster, and his attention to learn more.