Mercedes Martinez on why she left Retribution

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Mercedes Martinez on why she left Retribution

The arrival of Retribution in WWE was one of the h*ttest themes of 2020. The rioters stable has captured the attention of fans since its very first appearance, which took place in early August. Soon the enthusiasm of the fans turned into disappointment and despair when the Retribution turned out to be a very different project from what it initially seemed to be.

In September, the members of this stable revealed their faces (despite still wearing masks...), revealing themselves to the WWE Universe. But in the original line-up of the group in addition to Mia Yim (Reckoning), there was another woman: it is Mercedes Martinez, known within the Retribution as Retaliation.

After a handful of apprehensions, Martinez disappeared from the screens apparently without any explanation. In a recent interview for PWInsider, Mercedes Martinez, a veteran of the ring given her background in the indies, revealed the reasons that led her to leave Retribution: "I was given an opportunity and I took it without knowing what the final result would be.

You have to be able to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way, but I guess that wasn't for me. When you reach the top of your career, after 20 years of hard work, you want every moment to matter, to help build your legacy for the future."

Mercedes Martinez on why she left Retribution

Mercedes Martinez has thus hinted that her decision to leave Retribution is due to creative differences regarding the character she plays. Despite this, Martinez continues to wish the best for her former stablemates: "I think it's one of those situations where it was realized that that position was not good for me and my career.

There were no hard feelings. We realized we had different plans, I had my vision and theirs was different. I wish him the best for the future, to all members of the group”. After the retribution interlude, Mercedes Martinez returned to NXT, where she began a rivalry with champion Io Shirai.

She and Toni Storm participated in the first female Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic but she was unable to get through the first round. According to the latest rumors, Mercedes Martinez should get a titled chance in the next TakeOver, scheduled for Sunday 14 February.

Martinez was quick to point out to PWInsider that there are no hurt feelings with WWE over her exit from the RETRIBUTION group. She also wishes the other members of the group nothing but the best. "It’s kind of one of those things where it’s, 'this is where Mercedes is, but maybe it doesn’t fit the mold, doesn’t fit her career’.

It was no hard feelings, I just think we both had two different plans, I wanted one thing to go one way, and they had a different outlook. I wish them success, to all those part of the group, and I wish them the best."