Renee Young announces the return of WWE Backstage

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Renee Young announces the return of WWE Backstage

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about what Renee Young would do in her future, now back to being simply Renee Young, after asking WWE for her release, probably due to the girl's desire to start a family with the former WWE star Dean Ambrose, with whom she is currently expecting a child.

After seeing the Shield's colleagues become fathers, with Roman Reigns who in fact welcomed two new twins into the family and with Seth Rollins who instead welcomed little Roux together with his mother Becky Lynch, Jon Moxley will soon be a father too, but for the moment the future mother is still thinking about work, with a new special episode of WWE Backstage that will return just in view of the next ppv of the Stamford federation: the Royal Rumble.

Renee Young on the WWE Backstage

As announced by Renee Young herself in a video then posted by the federation and the television broadcaster on all its social pages, FOX will bring back the famous broadcast that until a few months ago Renee conducted together with Booker T, CM Punk and Paige, with all these names that will not be brought back into fashion by the channel.

For the moment, only Renee Young, Booker T and Paige, with the name of CM Punk who have not been, will return to the scene on the FS1 television screens on January 30th, for a special episode of WWE Backstage dedicated to the Royal Rumble.

mentioned by no one yet, but it may eventually reappear. Despite this new appearance on WWE-related TV screens, Renee Young still remains only under contract with FOX, as the deal with the McMahon-owned company has been terminated.

We also remember that the broadcast, WWE Backstage, had been canceled due to the few ratings received weekly, with FOX having decided to bring the one night only broadcast back to life, reserving the possibility to do so in the future, only for special occasions, making those fans who were disappointed with the cancellation of the program happy.

It may therefore not be the last time we see Renee Paquette tied to a WWE broadcast, despite the girl no longer under contract with McMahons. One name, conspicuous by his absence, is none other than CM Punk. Judging by his tweet in response to this announcement, he will not be part of the broadcast.

While it's a shame he's not scheduled for this show, maybe we'll see him in the future if it comes back regularly. Are you excited about the return of WWE Backstage? Would you like to see it back permanently? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.